What is Manatee?

Manatee® offers a collaborative simulation and analysis environment designed to quickly and accurately optimize vibro-acoustic performances of electrical systems under electromagnetic excitations. Its user-friendly interface has been developed for electrical, mechanical, acoustic and NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) test engineers.

Designing high-quality electrical systems requires controlling their acoustic noise and vibration levels at every development stage, from risk analysis in preliminary studies to vibro-acoustic troubleshooting after prototype manufacturing. Electrical machines can induce significant electromagnetic noise and vibrations (e-NVH) due to Maxwell force excitations, resulting in sound levels up to 125 dBA at 1 m. Noise impacts health, comfort, environmental friendliness and mechanical fatigue and concerns all topologies and applications.

Electrical, magnetic and mechanical early design choices can have up to ±20 dB impact on magnetic noise and vibration levels. However, prototyping and testing electrical systems are expensive and time-consuming. Using the Manatee virtual prototyping environment results in increased design productivity and physical insights, optimized electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic performances, and shorter development cycles.

Key Benefits of Manatee NVH Applications


Set up multiphysics simulation with a button click using predefined workflows adapted to each engineering profile.

Define, run your simulation and visualize your calculation results in the same environment within minutes. 


Use state-of-the-art calculation methods throughout the development lifecycle, from 2D electric machine basic design to 3D system-level detailed design.

Include the effect of manufacturing tolerances on carrying out a robust e-NVH ranking of electrical machines.


Understand the root cause of magnetic noise and vibration using advanced visualization tools inspired by EOMYS consulting experience.

Run “what if” scenarios using powerful parameter sweeps and optimization tools, easily compare simulation results and explore the whole design space.


Explore the most relevant noise mitigation techniques combining control, electromagnetic, and structural design modifications.

Work in parallel with other engineering departments through a user-friendly Graphical User Interface.

NVH Simulation of Electrical Machines for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers can assess and reduce magnetic noise and vibrations at different design stages using Manatee software.

In the early design stage, electrical engineers can compare different slot/pole combinations and electric machine topologies. They can estimate the risk of resonances using the frequency signature of magnetic forces provided by Magnetic Force Signature Analysis (MFSA).

Once the electrical machines are quickly set up under the Manatee environment, electrical engineers can either compute or import air gap flux. They can study the influence of electromagnetic design parameters on the sound power level radiated by the stator yoke using quick NVH models by running parameter sweeps or optimizations. They can analyze the tradeoffs between electromagnetic performances and NVH performances. In the detailed design phase, they can also assess the impact of current harmonics on e-NVH. 

Manatee for Electrical Engineers - SIMULIA > Dassault Systèmes
Manatee for Mechanical Engineers - SIMULIA > Dassault Systèmes

NVH Simulation of Electrical Machines for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers can assess and reduce magnetic noise and vibrations at different design stages using Manatee software.

By importing modal bases from 3D FEA software, mechanical engineers can iterate on mechanical integration of the electric motor, stiffening some parts or moving some resonances at other operating points. Spectrograms and load case contribution plots ease the results analysis and the identification of which modes are excited by magnetic excitations.

Mechanical engineers can also study the impact of 3D eccentricity effects on noise and vibration to assess design robustness. 

NVH Simulation of Electrical Machines for Acoustical Engineers

Acoustical engineers can assess and reduce magnetic noise and vibrations at different design stages using Manatee software.

They can assess sound pressure and sound power levels based on fast acoustic models.

Acoustical engineers can also import external noise sources such as gear noise, to get a global estimation of “magnetic noise” + “external noise source”.

In addition, acoustical engineers can analyze sound quality metrics.

Manatee for Acoustical Engineers - SIMULIA > Dassault Systèmes

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