Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, GEOVIA provides mine planning and geology modelling software that enable geoscientists, earth engineers, and urban planners to design, analyze, and simulate earth’s resources and automate processes helping to improve operational efficiency and optimize resource utilization.             

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Earth Design
Mine Planning Solutions to Identify Earth's True Potential 
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Earth Resources Management
Sustainable Solutions for Earth's Natural Resources
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Geology Solutions for Mining and Beyond
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Urban Planning
Building an Intelligent,  21st Century City

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Sustainable Mining
Forging a Responsible Future Through Sustainable Mining
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Parametric Mine Design
Modernize and Elevate Your Strategic Mine Design
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Open Pit Mining
Reach Peak Performance and Maximum Value In Your Open Pit Mining Operations
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Block Caving & Underground Mining
Reach Peak Performance and Maximum Value in Your Block Caving and Underground Mining Operations
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Mine Operations
Generate More With Less Through Advanced Mine Operations Management
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Geology Modeling
Create Accurate, Reliable Geology Models for Mining and Civil Projects

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Customer Story | Infrastructure, Energy & Materials

Cementos Argos

Supporting Sustainable Development

Colombia-based Cementos Argos is a multi-national leader in the cement and concrete markets. The company chose Dassault Systèmes mining solution to help meet its sustainability goals, grow the business and generate social value.

For Cementos Argos it´s essential to operate in a sustainable manner because we are convinced that this is the right way to generate social value, be profitable and reduce the environmental impact, both from the environmental and community components... Dassault Systèmes has been our strategic partner as we continue to grow together in a sustainable and responsible way in the cement industry

javier buitrago argos
Javier Buitrago
Mining Projects Manager, Cementos Argos

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