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About the Program

The GEOVIA Champions program is a place for achievement.

  • It recognizes innovative thought leaders and passionate users in our technical community
  • It rewards contributors by amplifying their voices and influence within GEOVIA communities and the industry
  • It develops Champions by creating opportunities to share expertise, knowledge, and passion
  • It introduces Champions to new technologies, peers, and the future of mining

In this program, Champions have the opportunity to collaborate with GEOVIA experts through customized activities and exchanges with like-minded peers in an exclusive community.

What Does it Take to Become a Champion?

Key characteristics of an outstanding GEOVIA Champion candidate:

  • You are an advocate of GEOVIA products and vision
  • You have advanced skills on the GEOVIA solutions as a user or a good understanding of them as a manager
  • You actively participate in on/off-line communities interacting with your peers
  • You are passionate about partnering with the GEOVIA teams to help shape the sustainable future of mining
  • You want to make an impact in the mining industry, guiding your peers in the adoption of sustainable and innovative solutions
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GEOVIA Why become a Champion > Dassault Systemes

Why Become a Champion?

Make an impact

  • Help shape the mining of today and tomorrow by imagining sustainable innovations for mining
  • Help ensure safety & efficiency using virtual twin experiences
  • Lead the change & put your expertise to the next level

Expand your network

  • Build new relationships, network with industry peers and exchange best practices and learnings with our global communities
  • Exclusive access to key GEOVIA experts and leadership
  • Connect with like-minded experts through the GEOVIA Champions exclusive community

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