Discover the Profitability of End-to-End Mine Optimization

GEOVIA Whittle enables open pit mining companies to first accurately evaluate the financial viability of a mineral deposit and options for capital investment and development, then determine the optimal long-term strategic mine plan and schedule to extract the full value of that deposit over the life of the mine. Through a range of customizable components, including strategic scheduling, detailed cost, price, and recovery modelling, multiple scenario analyses, blending, cut-off and simultaneous stockpile optimization, Whittle empowers mines to achieve full, end-to-end mine optimization — a process proven to improve net present value well above pit optimization alone.


How Whittle Enhances Mining Efficiency

Strategic Planning Capabilities

Whittle significantly boosts long-term mine planning by providing strategic insights into pit design and scheduling. The software evaluates various scenarios to optimize the economic return of mine operations, taking into account geological data, market conditions, and operational constraints. This helps identify the most profitable strategy to extract minerals efficiently and sustainably.

Optimization Techniques Used

Whittle employs advanced optimization algorithms to maximize the value of mining operations. These techniques include Lerchs-Grossmann algorithms for ultimate pit limits and advanced scripting for scenario analysis, ensuring optimal resource extraction. By integrating economic, environmental, and operational data, the software delivers robust models that guide critical decision-making in mine planning.

GEOVIA Whittle Roles

Discover the world’s most comprehensive strategic mine planning role-based portfolio for surface mining.

Pit Optimizer

GEOVIA Pit Optimizer

Find the optimal mining strategy utilizing a combination of economic, physical, geotechnical and operational constraints.

  • Choose either Pseudoflow or Lerchs-Grossman (LG) algorithm to generate optimized pit shells
  • Utilize unparalleled toolkit for high level economic evaluation of new projects and operating open pit mines
  • Uncover and understand economic drivers and associated sensitivities
  • Focus on NPV maximization or resource recovery
  • Manage projects with an easy-to-use framework
  • Analyze multiple scenarios and elements with advanced reporting and charting
GEOVIA Blend Optimizer > Dassault Systemes

GEOVIA Blend Optimizer

Optimize blend considering the schedule and existing stockpiles to ensure these are optimized at the same time, driven by the overall objective of maximizing the Net Present Value (NPV) of the whole operation.

  • Blend optimization based on Whittle schedules or imported schedule
  • Bulk blend scenario analysis considering multiple products with different specifications, prices, blending costs and blending limits
  • Handle multiple coal specifications and constraints such as minimum BTU, max ash and sulphur
  • Perform extractive blend factoring in blending costs and constraints, such as process recovery, prices and selling costs while limits are applied to the extractive process
  • Handle multiple stockpiles, different cut-offs, time dependant recoveries, initial size and grade while utilizing Whittles scheduling engine to determine the optimal blend strategy

*Prerequisites: GEOVIA Pushback Optimizer

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