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GEOVIA Services employs experts from all areas of mining to help open pit and underground miners make their operations both more efficient and more productive. Our geologists, engineers, and operations specialists understand how to leverage industry-leading technology and industry best practices to identify existing challenges, fill knowledge gaps, and implement achievable solutions from pit to plant.

GEOVIA Geology Services > Dassault Systemes

Geology Services

GEOVIA’s geologists can help you better organize, integrate, and manage all your geological data, and will provide drillhole data maintenance, geostatistical analysis, seam and resources modeling, resource estimation, and section mapping services. Through their knowledge and experience, you will gain greater understanding of the deposit, enhanced control over mine operations, and a clearer vision of how today’s production at your mine will affect revenue, cash flow, costs, and forecasts in the future.

GEOVIA Engineering Services > Dassault Systemes

Engineering Services

GEOVIA’s engineers have decades of combined experience working with diverse commodities and finding solutions to complex operational challenges — no matter what stage a mine project is in — by employing the complete range of geological and mining data. Their expertise includes pit and underground mine design, pit optimization, block and sub-level planning, scenario and uncertainty analysis, development and production scheduling, and tailings modeling.

GEOVIA Operations Services > Dassault Systemes

Operations Services

GEOVIA’s operations specialists will increase your operational and personal productivity by automating and documenting your workflows and giving you the tools you need to manage your data more effectively. They can also ensure that all your systems are performing at their best, and assist with:

  • process implementation, resource and reserve estimation
  • strategic, long and short term planning
  • blast design, grade control, and advanced reporting.
GEOVIA Outcome-Based Services > Dassault Systemes

Outcome-Based Services

Are you looking to transform mining operational performance? Do you have a staff shortage with mining expertise? We assist clients globally in over 140 countries; solve the complex mining industry challenges by transforming them into business outcomes.

Our unique approach as mining consultants with our clients focusses on a desired business outcome first. We partner with our clients to understand their challenges and pain points and work together to identify a solution based on industry best practices and utilizing our leading technology for enablement. We take accountability for our client’s desired business goals to ensure we achieve all respective milestones and outcomes. 

For Cementos Argos it´s essential to operate in a sustainable manner because we are convinced that this is the right way to generate social value, be profitable and reduce the environmental impact, both from the environmental and community components... Dassault Systèmes has been our strategic partner as we continue to grow together in a sustainable and responsible way in the cement industry

javier buitrago argos
Javier Buitrago
Mining Projects Manager, Cementos Argos

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