Establish End-to-end Traceability

Reqtify is an open, flexible and easy-to-use traceability solution which allows implementing an End-To-End Traceability along the whole V-Cycle. It can capture traceable information (requirements, implementation artefacts, tests, defects, …) in a wide variety of data formats, document types and file and tool formats (e.g. Requirements Management tools, MS Office, PDF, Modeling & Simulation Tools, CAD solutions,...)  thru more than 100 connectors. Due to its openness, it allows the seamless integration of Reqtify into your existing environment without needing to change existing processes. Coverage and Impact Analysis provide you important KPIs about your project status.
Reqtify is also compliant with Safety Standards (e.g. IEC-61508, ISO26262 or DO178C/254).

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  • More than 100 connectors to commercial tools and standard formats 
  • Numerous accesses to repositories and database systems
  • Numerous ways of implementing Traceability
  • Coverage- and Impact-Analysis
  • Flexible and customizable reporting engine 
  • Fully customizable thru scripting language
  • Im-/Export-Capabilities
  • Support of Continuous Integration
  • Qualification Kit (compliant with Safety Standards such as IEC-61508, ISO26262 or DO178C/254)
  • Support of ReqIF
  • Review Support

REQTIFY Plug-Ins and Features

Reqtify is an interactive End-to-end traceability and impact analysis tool, which can trace artifacts such as requirements, implementations, test, issues and more from system, program and project levels to the entire levels of your software or hardware component development lifecycle. Those traceable artifacts including metadata can be extracted from different commercial tools and standard formats thru more than 100 interfaces, provided by Reqtify.

Reqtify Standard

Rectify Standard (RQS) is the Reqtify base foundation. It already comes with a package of connectors, such as for Microsoft Office, PDF, DOORS or the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It also contains base functionalities, such as a customizable Report Generator, Rule Engine, Scripting API, command line interface (Continuous Integration) or Change Tracking support.

Reqtify Connector Plugins

  • Reqtify Developer Connectors (RQD) provides a package of connectors for different modeling- and simulation tools, such as Cameo Systems Modeler, Rhapsody, Enterprise Architect or Matlab/Simulink.
  • Reqtify Test Connectors (RQT) provides a package of connectors for different test tools, such as TESSY, TestLink or TPT

Qualification Kit

Qualification kit (RQK) supports tool qualification according to safety standards such as ISO 26262, DO-178C, DO-330, IEC 61508 or EN 50128.

Collaborative Project Management PlugIn (CPM)
CPM supports collaborative working between distributed teams such as an OEM-partner relation. It comes with a user- and access-management.

Variant Management
Reqtify also provides a Variant Management feature giving the ability to manage different product lines and organize requirements and documents per product configuration with powerfully filtering capabilities.

Feature Management
Reqtify includes a Feature Management allowing users to create product/project release plans to align market expectation with real features quality.

Suspicious Link Management
The Suspicious Link Management supports the change tracking of traceability data.

Notifications PlugIn
The Notification PlugIn allows setting-up project team notifications based on an email-alias, which will be triggered by project changes thru project team members

Discussions PlugIn
The Discussion PlugIn allows setting-up chats between project team members, based on traceable elements. These chats, which e.g. lead to decisions, which can be archived to document decision process.

  • WORD/PDF Tagger Plugin (RQG) allows the capturing of unstructured documents based on the PDF- and WORD-format
  • Reviewer Plugin (RQV) supports the reviewing process thru definition and import of check lists, multi-user review management, access control and review monitoring.

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