Providing Support of OMG SysML™ 1.7 for Standards-Based System Engineering.

Systems Modelling Language (SysML™) adoption by the Object Management Group™ (OMG™) was a critical step standardizing a common language platform for systems engineering. MagicDraw committed to be the most complete standards compliant solution on market, provides support of OMG SysML™ 1.7 for standards based system engineering. SysML solution is packaged as a plugin to the MagicDraw® tool and is available for purchase separately.

The SysML plugin retains all capabilities of award-winning MagicDraw architecture modeling environment with System Engineer perspective. It includes SysML specific menus, toolbars, diagrams, specifications, user interface, reports, dependency matrices, validation suites, refactoring methods and more. SysML plugin supports all SysML diagrams, including Requirements, Block Definition, Internal Blocks, Parametric and others. With this plugin, MagicDraw adds support for additional specification, analysis, design, and validation of a broad range of systems and system integrations.

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Requirements Engineering

The increasing complexity of systems makes Requirements Engineering (RE) a critical phase in a system's life cycle. SysML requirements modeling constructs are intended to provide a bridge between traditional requirements management tools and systems models. Requirements can be imported or defined in MagicDraw and depicted in graphical, tabular, matrix or tree structure format. A requirement can also appear on other diagrams to show its relationship to other modeling elements deriving, satisfying, verifying or refining requirements.

Key Features:

  • Requirements diagram
  • Requirements Table allows organizing text-based requirements in spreadsheet-like tabular format.
  • Satisfy and Verify matrices provide traceability of requirements with the ability to quickly add a new relation.
  • CameoTM DataHub add-on allows users to import, export, synchronize, and reference text-based requirements in CameoTM Requirements+, IBM Rational DOORS, Rational RequisitePro and Microsoft Excel.

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