Supporting Different Levels of Classification or Sensitivity

The Data Markings and Classification Plugin is designed for system and software engineers, enterprise architects, business analysts, and others who work with classified or sensitive data. It provides compatibility with the DoD Manual 5200.01 Volume 2 specification. Using the Data Markings and Classification Plugin, you can specifically mark your model elements to indicate different levels of classification or sensitivity.

Key Features:

  • Use predefined DoD data markings and/or create custom ones.
  • Access data markings via diagram (also symbol, table row, etc.) and element shortcut menus, as well as their specification windows.
  • Add data markings to various elements (relationships, blocks, packages, ports, operations, properties, comments, etc.) of your project.
Diagrams Elements and Containm > Dassault Systemes

Data Markings in the Model

The image illustrates the following:

  • Diagram banner displaying the data markings added to the element symbols of the diagram.

  • Data markings displayed as prefixes to the element names in the Containment tree, symbolic diagram, matrix, table, or map.

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