Design and Validate Software for Control Systems

Modern products rely on sophisticated embedded electronic equipment, automated systems, and communication networks. The Control & Monitoring system constitutes more than 30% of total costs in Trains, Railways, Automotive, Energy, and more (Life Sciences, Water Treatment, Industrial Equipment, Food & Beverage).

ControlBuild is an innovative environment for designing & validating distributed control and monitoring systems. It models, simulates, tests, and deploys IEC 61131-3 control applications with higher efficiency, supporting Industrial Automation Plants (PLC and DCS based controllers) and Real-Time Embedded Systems (Railway Control & Monitoring).

ControlBuild creates distributed automation for trains, ships, devices, power plants, process units, and manufacturing lines. Compliant with IEC-61508 and EN-50128 safety standards.

ControlBuild, a Game Changer

ControlBuild is a dedicated development tool for design and integration tests. Model software specs, create breakdown structures, and design function behavior. Define hardware architecture, map control functions on PLC/ECU, allocate interfaces on IO cards and networks. Generate source code for major PLC/DCS or RT controllers (including railway safety-certified software) and design specifications & CD for suppliers. Reuse models and test patterns for VC, FAT, HIL, and OTS. Optimize your control system development with ControlBuild.

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Key Advantages of Automation Control Systems

  • Customer Values: Our customers seek higher efficiency in control & monitoring systems to meet stringent production constraints, enhancing performance at all levels. We reduce time-to-market by 50% and on-site test costs by 3x.
  • Business Challenges: Validating specs early, covering the whole development cycle with a comprehensive toolchain for Automation Engineers.
  • Supporting Integration: We support diverse PLCs & controllers, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal system performance. Trust us for advanced automation solutions.

Industry Uses Cases of Automation Control Systems

ControlBuild offers different types of features and services depending on the sectors (railway, processes, manufacturing, energy, etc.) and the stage of the cycle in development and validation. Here are some examples of use cases.

Design Software for Railway

ControlBuild: A comprehensive tool suite for Real-Time Embedded Systems, especially in Railway, compliant with EN-50128 Railway Safety Standard. It supports:

    1. Software modeling to validate control system specs (e.g., traction, signaling) with stakeholders.
    2. Hardware architecture definition, controller allocation, and data exchange setup.
    3. Code generation and documentation for sub-system suppliers.
    4. System validation, including behavior and network traffic simulation.
    5. Reuse of models for HIL testing, operator training, and maintenance.

ControlBuild streamlines development while ensuring compliance with safety standards. It guarantees hardware-independent software, promoting flexibility. It offers a Virtual Twin for comprehensive control system management, including interfaces, maintenance, incident simulation, and change impact assessment.

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