Alberto Perez Parra > Dassault Systemes

Alberto Perez Parra

Consultant Dassault Systémes CATIA and Dassault Systémes Solidworks, Instituto Tecnológico de Tepic

Mechanical engineer from Autonomous University of Nayarit, Alberto professional usage of  CATIA started in a internship in a research center at National University Autonomous of Mexico (Center for mechanical design and technological innovation - CDMIT) where PhD  Adrian Espinosa and PhD Vicente Borja members of the Mexican Society of Mechanical Engineers helped him understand the capabilities of the software; growing his technical and practical expertise guided him to be professor at Technological Institute of Tepic, where the implementation of CATIA and SolidWorks derived in a professional achievement, CATIA V5, CATIA V6 R2013x Mechanical Designer Specialist and SolidWorks certified Expert. During this time lap, Alberto atended hundreds of students as applications engineer and internal consultant in Dassault Systémes technologies in academic experiences, recently his motivation in computer aided technologies hasn´t stopped until the point of being certified as 3DExperience - Platform explorer associate.

Alessandro Pasotti > Dassault Systemes

Alessandro Pasotti

Founder of Pasotti Designworks Studio

Founder of Pasotti Designworks studio near Milan where I have been working as an industrial designer and consultant for over 15 years, alongside international and local companies in various design fields, in particular for the toy industry, technical plastic products and furniture. I am specialized in industrial design and 3D modeling, I come from engineering background with an equal creative and product development know-how component, with particular attention to the plastics field and their moulding and prototyping processes. The use of an absolute and performing tool such as the 3DEXPERIENCE platform combined with an optimized method of designing the 3D model allow me to create an alchemy to take design to a higher level, and offer an innovative, transversal and strategic response for industrial design in terms of flexibility, quality, and speed in all design phases, from thought to production through the most important human factor.

Alexander Junghans > Dassault Systemes

Alexander Junghans

Class-A Specialist with ICEM surf

Alexander is a doer. He has been working as a Class-A Specialist with ICEM surf for 18 years now. Right after his graduation as a mechanical engineer in 2000 he joined csi in Neckarsulm / Germany to support the CATIA V4 design team. One year later he took the opportunity to become a leading part of the newly established ICEM surf team. Working on different projects with many OEMs he was entrusted with the position of project leader in 2009, managing whole car projects with a focus on CAS and Interieur, becoming teamlead in 2015. As he also loves to share his knowledge he started lecturing at Heilbronn University in 2011, where he teaches master students the process of Automotive Design and Class-A with ICEM surf.

Amit Killekar > Dassault Systemes

Amit Killekar

Project Engineer, Atlascopco Gecia

Amit is working as a Project Engineer in Atlascopco Gecia, a global engineering center for Atlas Copco. He is has been enjoying working with CATIA for the past two years. During that time, he has been working with the UK Edwards vacuum division of Atlas Copco. There he is working together with Edwards design team on one project in Vacuum. As several different divisions are working on the same project, Amit is also working for the standardization of CATIA work practices for 3D &2D between 3 teams (UK, Korea & India). Amit studied CATIA for the first time during his Engineering studies.

Andrew Bourget > Dassault Systemes

Andrew Bourget

Directeur-fondateur ECCUS SA

Andrew Bourget has worked for over 30 years in the field of tunnelling. Following his degree in Civil Engineering in 1987 in the UK, he has led a career in francophone part of Switzerland, in France and internationally, both for design offices and for construction companies. Is now the Founder and CEO of his own company. Very invested to promote his profession and further technical know-how he is a member of the FGU (Swiss Tunnelling association) and member of the AFTES (Association Française des Tunnels et Espaces Souterrains) technical committee. With the need to get the profession to move to numerical modelling, he has come to appreciate and adopt CATIA and the 3dPlatform as his tool of choice to combine geology and structures within a single design environment capable of producing construction and shop drawings and to provide an efficient collaborative environment for team work.

Antionio Pezzella > Dassault Systemes

Antionio Pezzella

Senior CAS Modeler, NIO Design

With 13 years of experience in Surface modeling with CATIA for creative designers, Antonio Pezzella is working at NIO Design in Munich as a senior CAS Modeler, Designing futuristic vehicles Using CATIA from the very first phases of the concepts until the final production models. Antonio started his career as CAD/CAS consultant in Italy, working across multiple sectors. Afterwards he joined Stile Bertone in Torino, later on he moved to Ingolstadt in Germany joining Edag and then Audi. After being part for many years of the “Audi Design Team”,where he managed to improve the design process integrating Catia Imagine&Shape, he decided to join NIO, moving to Munich. Today he is expanding his CATIA team to speed up NIO’s design process and to show to the world the power of CATIA for design studios.

Barry Hale > Dassault Systemes

Barry Hale

Jabz Design Limited

This is Barry’s 38th year using CAE tools. Hale has started as a draughtsman and has worked in a variety of different industries, such as Aerospace, Automotive and Robotics, in fields such as Design, Research, FEA, CFD, PLM, Programming, Sys Admin and technical software sales and support. Barry has travelled all over the world during his career and has enjoyed experiencing different cultures and meeting a wonderful variety of people throughout this time. Currently director of his own company, he now offers consultancy services to the Automotive industry, predominantly using Dassault Systemes toolsets such as Icem Surf, CATIA Icem, 3DExcite and 3DEXPERIENCE. His main passion now is to push the boundaries of computer-based design as businesses look to streamline processes, with a view to reducing time and costs but without affecting creativity.

Behrooz Shahidi > Dassault Systemes

Behrooz Shahidi

Manager,Ford Motor Company CAE Integration Department for North America and Europe vehicle programs

Behrooz Shahidi is the Manager of Ford Motor Company CAE Integration Department for North America and Europe vehicle programs. His department has responsibilities of leading Ford CAE disciplines, which includes vehicle safety, vehicle durability, vehicle NVH, Thermal System Engineering, vehicle weight optimization, through all phases of product development. Behrooz has over 30 years’ experience at Ford, leveraging CAE to achieve optimized body and vehicle designs that best balances attribute tradeoffs and performance targets. He has been a core part of Ford’s truck, SUV, car, and future EV vehicle programs.  Behrooz had a long standing association with, Body Structures CAE, where he was supervising the evolution of several vehicle programs. He was leading a team responsible for evaluation of Body Stiffness, NVH and Durability attributes. Since beginning of 2016, Behrooz is the Manager for CAE Integration, within Digital innovation group at Ford, where he plans to leverage heavily on a CAE driven design process.

Bei Xin > Dassault Systemes

Bei Xin

Mechanical Designer of Thermal Management System, The Lion electric Inc

This is Bei. I am from China. Now I am Canadian citizen and live in Montreal, Quebec. I started to work as a mechanical designer with Solidworks in 2008 and be a business jet cabinet interior mechanical designer with CATIA V5R21 for Bombardier and Boeing projects since 2013. Currently I am working as mechanical designer of thermal management system with The Lion electric Inc. We design and manufacture electric buses and trucks. We are migrating from Solidworks to 3DS. I became Solidworks champion a couple months ago. And today I am so proud to join CATIA champions family.

Benjamin Thompson > Dassault Systemes

Benjamin Thompson

Hardware Engineering and Industrial Design at Skydio

Ben is currently leading hardware engineering and industrial design at Skydio, a Redwood City-based AI startup focused on autonomous flying robotics for consumer and commercial use. As a smaller team, Skydio leverage's CATIA's Cloud solution to minimize infrastructure overhead and simplify data management and collaboration. Previously Ben worked at Tesla Motors as engineering manager for infotainment and autopilot hardware and lead mechanical development across a broad array of systems such as cameras, displays, sensors, and control units. Before Tesla, Ben started his engineering career in 2007 at Northrop Grumman Space Technology working on satellite mechanical design with CATIA V5.  He holds a MS in industrial engineering and a MBA from the University of Southern California, and a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Berkan Öztürk > Dassault Systemes

Berkan Öztürk

Cad Cam Instructure, Turkish Aerospace (Aviation and Space)

Hello, I'm Berkan. I graduated from Manufacturing Engineering. I have been using CATIA since 2012. I have started my career as a Design Engineer for the last 4 years as a CAD-CAM instructor. In the last two years at Turkish Aerospace, I gave CATIA training to more than 1000 people at different levels and subjects. CATIA becomes my only colleague during the training. I feel lucky to have a strong and versatile colleague. I like to share CATIA videos on Linkedin platform and present the videos to people. My CATIA adventure, which I started with version 5, continues with the 3Dexperience platform for the last two years. I professionally use the Part Design, Generative Shape Design, Generative Sheet Metal Design, Reverse Engineering, Imagine and Shapeve ICEM modules. Apart from design, I make CAM with Prismatic-Advanced Machining modules. I also use Drafting, Assembly Design and Kinematic modules as auxiliary modules.

Claudio Mucciacciaro > Dassault Systemes

Claudio Mucciacciaro

CAD Specialist role, WAYMO

My background is Mechanical Engineering and have been using CATIA for most of my career. I have designed Mechanical Systems in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Passenger Train industries for over 10 years. I currently have a CAD Specialist role at WAYMO and help all the CATIA users at WAYMO with all their CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE needs. I am happy to be able to share knowledge with this community.

Cristian Tarba > Dassault Systemes

Cristian Tarba

Lecturer, University POLITEHINCA of Bucharest

My first contact with CATIA was long time ago, back in 2008, after 6 years of intensive mechanical designing using other different software packages. Since 2008, CATIA has become my main package used in teaching and research within University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest as I am a lecturer in the organization, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Robotics. I use Part Design, Assembly Design, Generative Shape Design and DMU Kinematics workbenches for both Romanian and foreign students. I am also a passionate programmer and I use Python together with CATIA for my research activity.

Cédric Chiale > Dassault Systemes

Cédric Chiale

Aero Loft Lines Designer, Dassault Aviation

After 11 years working for PSA Peugeot Citroen as Class A expert, Cedrice has now been working at Dassault Aviation for 3 years as aero loft lines designer, in charge of aircraft external shapes and functional structure complex shapes. Cedric worked on CATIA for 15 years, and he wrote a lot of specifications for CATIA ICEM Apps. Furthermore, Cedric has many skills on realtime rendering and virtual reality use cases.

Daniel Dobrzynski > Dassault Systemes

Daniel Dobrzynski

Senior CAD/CAM Manager, Plasan Sasa Ltd

Daniel is working at Plasan Sasa Ltd. as a senior CAD/CAM Manager. With 34 years of experience in the world of CAD / CAM / CAE, he had (and has ...) the pleasure of having witnessed and experienced the tremendous technological progress in this area. Daniel has a very long and special relationship with CATIA, 32 years (from Argentina and then after emigrate to Israel), from its beginnings with CATIA V2 and CADAM in the middle of the 80's, his great passion for CATIA remained intact with the improvements of the products and versions, going through V3, V4, V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE, considering themselves humbly and proudly part of the rich history of Dassault Systemes.

Dennis Whitney > Dassault Systemes

Dennis Whitney

Production Operations Support, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (Aerospace)

Dennis has 30 years of experience in Aerospace working on multiple platforms for both military and commercial sectors of the industry. He has utilized CATIA for over 26 years to support the design and manufacturing of both production and prototype air vehicles covering a wide range of disciplines from Advanced machining of complex metallic structure, composite skins panels, fuel systems and advanced electrical harness design. Much of the prototype design required working with CATFEM, DELMIA, Kinematics, Advanced Surfacing, SLA, and Reverse Engineering within the same day. Dennis currently supports Production Operations as an SME for structural, electrical and tubing manufacturing organizations providing consultation and testing next generation tools and processes. Providing value assessments, process validation, beta testing for new versions and interoperability with a number of external systems.

Dimitri Kengni > Dassault Systemes

Dimitri Kengni

Research Engineer, Head of the Product Development Team IFIRTECH (Engineering)

Hello I'm Dimitri, and I've been a Catia user since 2013 when I started engineering school. I started by using CATIA V5 during my studies and I worked on the design of machines in different projects . In 2019 I completed my final year satge where I started using 3DEXPRIENCE and mainly CATIA applications which allowed me to develop new skills through the design and realization of digital twins and their connection with real models. Today I work as a trainer on CATIA solutions and as a research engineer on system design and simulation with 3DEXPRIENCE's CATIA applications. To now I have obtained certifications on Part, Assembly and Surface Design domains of CATIA V5 and also a certification of Dynamic systems engineer on 3DEXPERIENCE. I am very interested in PLM, system design and simulation and I help people who use CATIA solutions for their projects regularly.

Edward Stilson > Dassault Systemes

Edward Stilson

Engineer, Joby Aviation

Edward became an engineer to try to help make the world a better place.  Through the help of CATIA he is able to take the exciting ideas and concepts from his mind into reality.  Edward has been an employee at Joby Aviation since 2012 with the mission to enable an air transportation service that saves people an hour a day in their day-to-day travel.  This will happen through an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft completely designed in CATIA.  On a daily basis, Edward gets to work on vehicle architecture, surfacing, advanced kinematic design, composite lightweight structures, additive manufacturing, and is privileged to work with a resilient, multi-discipline team.  He is very excited to be apart of this great program to help give back to the community and make it stronger than ever.

Erekle Tsakadze > Dassault Systemes

Erekle Tsakadze

ISC Consulting Engineers

With a PhD in Plasma Physics Erekle started using CATIA V5 during his post-doctoral research at Risø DTU National Laboratory, Denmark, in 2002. Through an integration between MATLAB-CATIA-High Precision CNC tools he participated in designing, manufacturing, assembling, testing and optimizing a quasi-optical microwave transmission antenna for the fast ion dynamics’ study at different plasma fusion reactors in Germany with the aim at building a similar unit for the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project in France. In 2009 he joined ISC A/S, one of the leading civil engineering consulting companies in Denmark specializing, among others, in off-shore windfarm substations worldwide, where he participated in creating detailed 3D digital twins of various substations by implementing CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA tools. His primary focus is, but not limited to, development, administration, maintenance of the company’s internal CATIA piping and structural 3D catalogues and specifications according to the different international standards and applying them to various international projects, automatization of the piping isometric drawings, training and assisting CATIA users.   

Eric D'Onorio > Dassault Systemes

Eric D'Onorio

Design methods engineer, Safran Nacelles

Eric has been a design methods engineer at Safran Nacelles for the past 3 years. He is managing the creation and update of the methodological supports for CATIA V5. He is also supervising the adequacy between his company’s technical standards and design practices. His past professional experience at Technicatome (ex Areva TA), allowed Eric to set up CATIA V5 and write the use methods for the plant design workshops (Piping, HVAC, Electrical, EQT...) in the nuclear installations design area.

Eric Dunn > Dassault Systemes

Eric Dunn

Erickson Air-Crane

Eric is a composites engineer supporting the development of advanced composites structures for rotorcraft at Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, and is a recognized subject matter expert in this field. He began his 12-year career in aerospace working for Electroimpact on AFP machines, before finding his passion for helicopters at Erickson Air-Crane. Eric has maintained a strong focus throughout his career on design, primarily in SolidWorks and CATIA V5 and now 3DEXPERIENCE. The intersection of Eric’s skills meets in the Composites Design App in CATIA, which Eric has used to author standard design manuals for composites design. In addition to the Composites Design app, Eric has experience with several downstream composites applications for flat pattern nest generation and laser projection and inspection programs.

Federico Nardella > Dassault Systemes

Federico Nardella

Mechanical Design Engineer, Toyota Group

Federico is an experienced Mechanical Design Engineer, graduated in Bologna University. He has been working in Toyota Group for more than three years, in Research & Development Department in Bologna, Italy. His task is to design chassis, cabins, rear and front axles of Toyota Lift Trucks (both Electrical and Internal Combustion) for the Eu Market with Catia V5. 3D modeling brought him to use largely Generative Sheetmetal Design and Generative Shape Design, mostly for structural steel and cast iron casting parts. Also, Federico had the possibility to work on gears and hydraulic components for the hydrostatic transmission of the Internal Combustion trucks.

Fernando Petre > Dassault Systemes

Fernando Petre

I.N.C.D.T- COMOTI Bucharest

Fernando started to work in 1983 in aerospace field of activity for I.N.C.D.T- COMOTI Bucharest -   National Institute of Researching and Developing Turbo-Engines, he was involved in projects with two patents registered. Fernando has been working for GECI Engineering Services  Romania with CATIA V4, V5 and V6 since 2002 in different aerospace projects in Romania or abroad, doing also CATIA Automation/Customization to better fit different processes, creating applications for CATIA to help users in daily tasks, CATIA training, methods and procedures. In 2015-2016 worked for Renault Technologie Roumanie with CATIA V6R2013x in lighting department for entry level cars of Renault-Nissan group.

Greg Maga > Dassault Systemes

Greg Maga

Aerodynamics Design Engineer, Stewart Haas Racing in NASCAR Cup

Hi everyone! My name is Greg Maga and I am what some would call a "frequent flyer", having used CATIA since V4 so about 19 years now and for the most part in motorsports and high performance vehicles industries. I graduated from ESTACA with a Mechanical Master's Degree where I received a formal training in CATIA V4 then used CATIA products since then going through the V5 and now 3DEXPERIENCE evolutions. I always appreciated how powerful CATIA tools are for modeling, especially complex surfacing and how integrated the entire CATIA suite is with simulation or production tools. Currently working as aerodynamics design engineer for Stewart Haas Racing in NASCAR Cup, I have previously helped deliver, from a design and engineering standpoint, some mythical racecars including the Acura NSX GT3 racecar, the Pirelli World Challenge TLX GT, the 2016 generation of Indycar aerokits or the Acura Penske IMSA DPi racecars.

Grégory Folliet > Dassault Systemes

Grégory Folliet

PLM Architect, Capgemini Ariane Group

I felt in love with CATIA in 2000 as young engineer and made all my carreer in PLM. I have been working for major aerospace companies and programs such as A380, A350 or H160. I work currently for Capgemini as PLM Architect for Ariane Group.I want to share my knowledge for the students and the future engineers. I think that CATIA is a treasure that we must protect and cherish :-)

Guillaume Wiel > Dassault Systemes

Guillaume Wiel

Innovation and Research Team of Woodeum

Arrived four years ago in the project estimation service as Wood construction Engineer, Guillaume currently belongs to the Innovation and Research Team of Woodeum, Real estate company for low carbon construction, without nuisances. His job consists of the preliminary technical design of the various elements of a building (facade, windows and balconies details, wooden structure…) in relation to several regulatory, normative and programmatic requirements (Acoustic, fire, water/air-tightness, thermal…). His knowledge in the various fields of the construction, and his 3 years of experience working with CATIA, drove him to take over the development of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) under 3D Experience Platform from Dassault Sytèmes. With the support of the BIM team members of Woodeum (Renaud BLONDEAU and Arnaud HECKLY), he elaborates tools of automation and nesting of the elements of the building, knowledgeware, and exchange processes with all actors involved in the building industry (Architect, design offices, construction firm…).

Ionut Gabriel Ghionea > Dassault Systemes

Ionut Gabriel Ghionea

Associate Professor, Manufacturing Engineering Department

Ionut Gabriel Ghionea has been doing CAD teaching activity since 2000, currently being an Associate Professor, member of the Manufacturing Engineering Department, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Robotics, University Politehnica of Bucharest. His areas of competence include: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Aided Design, Dimensional Control Technologies, Computer Aided Manufacturing. He has published, as author and/or co-author, 10 books in the field of computer aided design with applications in mechanical engineering and over 140 articles in technical journals and conference proceedings. Ionut Gabriel Ghionea is one of the main and first didactic promoters of the CATIA program in the Romanian university environment, with an uninterrupted activity in CAD since 2002, author of numerous applications, video tutorials, books and laboratory works for students. Mr. Ghionea participated as director or team member in 15 contracts for industrial scientific research and professional training with national or European funding.  He is honored to be a member of this Champions program and remains an enthusiast user and ambassador of CATIA solutions in academia and industry.

Isamu Kizaki > Dassault Systemes

Isamu Kizaki

CAE Specialist, Mazda Motor Corporation

Isamu is a CAE Specialist for Crash Performance Development, currently working for Mazda Motor Corporation. he is in charge of advanced  development of vehicles, and studying the compatibility between performance and weight reduction by utilizing optimization techniques such as 1D model and Topology as well as FEM. SFE has been applied since 2011 as a structure optimization method.

Ismail Akar > Dassault Systemes

Ismail Akar

Designer, CATIA V4 in MAN Turkey

Ismail began to work with CATIA V4 in MAN Turkey in 1998 and completed the initial design concepts. Then he started working with CATIA V5 in 2000 and has been dealing with the design of bus interior parts and surface modeling, as well as solid modeling through CATIA V5 for 18 years. In 2008, he founded web platform in order to disseminate CATIA usage as a personal hobby in which he support CATIA users during their studies. Ismail initiated working on unmanned aerial vehicle (Atlas UAV) studies in 2013 and carried out surface modeling and wing modeling. In 2012, he was assigned to be CAX KeyUser in MAN Truck&Bus company where he is am currently conducting support and performance development tasks of CATIA users. Now, as a hobby, he is serving management studies of social committee under CATIA User Group Turkey.

James Morshead > Dassault Systemes

James Morshead

Lead Engineer, Bertrandt UK

James has worked in CATIA since 1995, first as a design engineer in various automotive companies, then as a Lead Engineer at Bertrandt UK. In 2004, he started Wildcat Concepts, and worked in Jaguar Land Rover's Geometry Authoring Methods team, supporting the Catia user helpdesk and developing methods and training courses. Having gained a second degree in Transport Design, James started working in Surfacing and Design. Primarily working within Jaguar Land Rover Design, using ICEM-Surf, CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE, he is now focused on pioneering the use of CATIA parametric techniques in the creative design process. He works directly with designers to develop signature evolving repeating patterns around the vehicle, to produce surface definition ready for Engineering, but which can still be modified parametrically on the fly when Design intent changes.

Jaroslaw Wroblewski > Dassault Systemes

Jaroslaw Wroblewski

Engineering Tools and Methodologies Specialist, Automotive Lighting Poland

Jaroslaw has 12 years of experience working with CATIA. He started as CAD/PLM consultant and  acquired experience by supporting, training and implementing 3DS Solutions for companies from various branches of industry. Currently, he is working as Engineering Tools and Methodologies Specialist for Automotive Lighting Poland. Jaroslaw is responsible for standardization and development of design methodologies as well as preparation of CATIA Templates and VBA macros to improve and automate Design Team work.

Jim McCarty > Dassault Systemes

Jim McCarty

Advanced Harness Design Project Lead

Jim has 29 years of experience working with CATIA in the Aerospace industry, covering a wide range of disciplines including airframe design, hydraulics and tubing, composites, FEM, kinematics, advanced surfacing,  photo studio, real time rendering, reverse engineering, VB scripting and electrical harness installation and flattening.  Jim was also a CATIA instructor for 8 years, in charge of all facets of CATIA training for Lockheed, is a company SME for all things CATIA, and on the new version evaluation team.  Jim currently works as the Advanced Harness Design project lead.  He has completely redefined the harness build process from the ground up using a suite of Dassault products, including the delivery of 3D wire routing aids to the shop floor using CATIA Composer and writing a number of VB Scripts to automate portions of the harness design process.  

Johanne Wilkens > Dassault Systemes

Johanne Wilkens

Business Analyst and Product Owner, Scania CAD Factory

Since 2010, Johanne has worked at Scania in Södertälje, Sweden, developing and improving methods in CATIA. Today, she is part of the “Scania CAD Factory” as Business Analyst and Product Owner. The biggest challenge today is to collect all the business requirements to go from ENOVIA and CATIA V5 to 3DEXPERIENCE. Another big challenge is to meet the rapidly increasing requirement for electrification and to improve the flow between schematics and 3D routings.  

Jordi Pinol > Dassault Systemes

Jordi Pinol

Pibai Tecnoconsulting S.L.

Jordi is an experienced CATA user who has been working in the automotive field. He designed a large variety of vehicle components using CATIA V5 for 15 years. Jordi has been focused during his career on developing parts of body structure and vehicle interiors. He has expertise with sheet metal, composite and plastic injection parts. Highly skilled in building stabile and robust CATIA parametric structures. Jordi is focused on improving the flexibility of the design process by using intelligent CATIA models. Jordi worked at Ford Motor Company in Cologne, where developed BIW projects. In Munich has worked at the FIZ (Forschung- und Innovationszentrum) as a Concept interiors designer for several projects for BMW Group. Jordi worked also in sports cars sector. He was in Bugatti Engineering in Wolfsburg  and currently works at Automobili Lamborghini as a Senior Package Engineer in Italy. He has also recently founded his own CAD company PIBAI Tecnoconsulting in Barcelona.

Julien Morel > Dassault Systemes

Julien Morel


Julien is MS INNOV co-manager and also has the role of R&D manager on innovation projects based on the automation of complex products design. His 8-years career in the sector of CAD on Dassault Systèmes solutions has allowed him to develop strong skills in CATIA in the sector of sheet metal, composite or plastics. Thanks to these experiences and to the support of its teams, MS INNOV has developed a new approach to design based on the common expectations of manufacturers and technical teams (saving time, cancelation of some repetitive tasks ...).

Jörgen Hilmann > Dassault Systemes

Jörgen Hilmann


Jörgen joined FORD early 2001 as Student evaluating the possibility of using SFE Concept for CAE Safety analysis. Starting as Safety Engineer in the Pre-Program and Concepts department he led the introduction of the software in Europe and transferred the development process using SFE Concept to centrally build the main concept ideas and supporting multiple concept alternatives for multiple attribute assessments. On this way he shared multiple publications on the correlation, challenges on introducing it and process developments to embed SFE Concept into the development process. Concurrent to the full-time job the doctor’s thesis focused on the automation of the process chain to build and analyze Safety models, which enabled closed-loop optimizations of gauge, grade shape and topological changes using SFE Concept in 2009. It was demonstrated on multiple applications from component to full vehicle level. Today Jörgen leads a small group, which is responsible on the process, methods and delivery of the compatible CAE models for multiple attribute assessments on global program families with major architectural change content during the architectural phase. The demonstration of the Concept Structure Engineering (SFE Concept on the Platform) is judged promising and could trigger incremental acceleration, automation raising the efficiency further

Kerenza Harris > Dassault Systemes

Kerenza Harris

Oversees Advanced Computational Design and Simulation for all projects, Morphosis

Kerenza Harris oversees advanced computational design and simulation for all projects at Morphosis. Her team focuses on the research, development and integration of advanced technologies into the design and construction process, using diverse software including 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA to model and rationalize forms, skins, and structures. She also guides the firm’s use of AR and VR to create immersive environments that aid in testing and communicating concepts through all phases. Joining the firm in 2008, she has played a central role in major projects including the AIA National Honor Award-winning Perot Museum of Nature and Science, where she led the creation and coordination of the facade’s innovative pre-cast concrete paneling system.  Kerenza is also faculty at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), where her teaching focuses on digital design tools and construction. She is a frequent lecturer on design computation and the intersection of architecture and VR. 

Ludwig Trollare > Dassault Systemes

Ludwig Trollare

Business Analyst, Volvo Cars

My name is Ludwig Trollare and I am working at Volvo Cars as a Business Analyst. When I began my employment in 2012, my experience of CAD was limited to having used AutoCAD in upper secondary school (back in those days when Windows 3.1 was still in use). One could say I entered this field by coincidence as my prior education mainly focused on cognitive sciences and web development. :) Soon I was introduced to CATIA V5 and started supporting Aftermarket with any CAD needs they may have. The main part of my job, however, centered around an internal CAD Authoring software called “Visualizer” that was being used to produce bitmap graphics for repair instructions etc. My part was providing support and driving the development of this application which was a funny and challenging endeavor. When Visualizer eventually became obsolete an IT-project was tasked with finding a successor and the choice fell on CATIA Composer. Throughout the duration of the project, I became deeply involved with both the business and technical sides of the application. After nearly three years of working with Composer I regard it as my prime field of expertise out of all Dassault Systèmes products.

Luigi Vanfretti > Dassault Systemes

Luigi Vanfretti

Associate Professor with the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Luigi is an Associate Professor with the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Since 2017, he has established the ALSET Lab, a real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation facility for cyber-physical system experimentation and research. Luigi received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electric power engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA, in 2007 and 2009, respectively. He was with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, as an Assistant, from 2010 to 2013, and an Associate Professor (Tenured), and a Docent, from August 2013 to August 2017, where he leads the SmarTS Lab and research group. He was also a Visiting Faculty at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in the summer of 2019, performing teaching and research on modeling and simulation technologies for cyber-physical systems. Luigi has also worked in the power industry, working for Statnett SF, the Norwegian Electric Power Transmission System Operator, as a Consultant, from 2011 to 2012, and a Special Advisor in R&D, from 2013 to 2016. In addition, he has worked as a scientific consultant at the SuperGrid Institute in Lyon, France, working on system identification applications for electrical grids.

Luke T Seal > Dassault Systemes

Luke T Seal

Development Engineer, Constellium Automotive Structures

Luke was born in Australia where he attended numerous engineering focussed schools; Aviation High School and the Australian Science and Mathematics School, alongside competing as an elite gymnast for his country as part of the Australian Institute of Sport. Following retirement from sport, Luke moved to the UK to pursue a career in engineering where he was trained in parametric CATIA and 3Dx modelling within the body engineering closures department at Jaguar Land Rover. He then decided to gain experience through full-time contract work with McLaren Automotive, London EV Company, VinFAST and TotalSim / VORTEQ Sports, whilst achieving a First-Class Honours in Professional Engineering from Aston University through weekend classes, work-based projects and evening studies. Luke is now working as a Development Engineer for Constellium Automotive Structures supporting major OEM's with advanced battery enclosure development. Luke has gained 6 years of experience using CATIA V5 and 3Dx and has particular interests in parametric and knowledgeware based modelling, DMU workbenches and surface and solid modelling as appropriate for product development from blank sheet through to production. He is passionate about knowledge sharing of general engineering, CATIA, continuous professional development and automotive structures.

Man-su Kim > Dassault Systemes

Man-su Kim

Senior Virtual Automation Architect and Analyst, Impararia solutions

Man-su Kim is a trusted architectural designer in the AEC industry who majored in Mechanical engineering from the Special Engineering College of Kogakuin University in Japan. Since his days as a college student he has been exploring 3D CAD system technology, with a focus on top down modeling methodology and concurrent design & engineering. Examples of his AEC project experience includes the National Museum of Qatar, a project spread over 1.5km where visitors journey through an exciting mix of all-encompassing environments and compelling storytelling that engages all senses. he worked with Gehry technologies in this project and gained experience Lean construction which based on  combination of operational research with practice to the end-to-end design. Go further, He was invited to work on the Incheon international airport passenger terminal 2 expansion project and was engaged from early phase of Design. His role was in the creation of efficient and economical development of complex free form exterior design. One of his missions on the project was to reduce repetitive work by automation modeling methodology. To accomplish his goals, Man-su’s technology of choice was CATIA, both for optimizing design and development of complex forms and automating the modeling process and required documentation.

Manuel Del Valle > Dassault Systemes

Manuel Del Valle

Product Development Engineer, VOLVO

I am working as a Product development engineer for bus project and I also have rail market experience. Projects I am been involve include: Urban busses and coaches for Mexico, US and Canada. I have also participated at metro Montreal, NYC and San Francisco projects. Regarding my personal hobbies: I love photography and dedicate a big amount of time to study and learn about art. I also enjoy learning other languages, at the moment I speak English and French, besides my native Spanish. The passion for 3D environments I think that comes for my love for videogames and the amazing experience that virtual environments allow. Finally I enjoy different sports like "fútbol" (soccer), basketball and volleyball, I try to keep myself in good shape, because I am really competitive.

Marcus Hashchak > Dassault Systemes

Marcus Hashchak

3D Enterprise Solutions Lead for SNC-Lavalin’s Clean Power Sector

Marcus Hashchak is the 3D Enterprise Solutions Lead for SNC-Lavalin’s Clean Power Sector. Marcus has been part of the sector’s movement to push the digital solutions initiative across all offices since the beginning of the implementation of PLM technology in civil engineering projects some 15 years ago.  Since then, he has helped develop digital environments, methodologies, and supported numerous large and small projects.  His relentless push throughout the years has now made him responsible for the development and deployment of all processes pertaining to the use of PLM technology across the entire business sector. He is currently in the process of implementing 3DEXPERIENCE for use in powerhouse and substation projects and in parallel, helping out other business sectors within SNC Lavalin with their digital solutions initiative.Marcus has some 20 years of experience within the aerospace manufacturing and engineering services industries in developing, deploying and supporting the PLM tools and processes.  He has been spent the last few years adapting these PLM processes for use in civil engineering projects that have BIM requirements. 

Matthew Rogers > Dassault Systemes

Matthew Rogers

Staff Program Manager, Tesla's Energy Products division

Matthew is an engineer and advocate for sustainable, appropriately-sized mobility for people and freight. As a Staff Program Manager in Tesla's Energy Products division, he manages large, configured top-level assemblies to the full product range of stationary energy storage products. Matthew also educates and advocates for sustainable, efficient PLM policies and processes. He has over decade of experience in CATIA V5 managing large CAD assemblies previously for heavy commercial vehicles and more recently Tesla's vehicle battery program including battery configurations for Model S, X and Model 3, and through the full development cycle from prototype vehicles into mass production. He now applies that same passion through CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE to create leading stationary battery products.

Mohamed Hedi Kesraoui > Dassault Systemes

Mohamed Hedi Kesraoui

Mechanical Engineer, The Savvy Engineer Business

Mechanical Engineer graduated from ENSIT university in Tunisia in 2015, the first year i worked in the multi axis machining domain using my favorite powerful multi tasks software CATIA, then i worked for Safran tunisia from 2016 to 2019 as an industrialization Engineer in the composite Field ,now i am focusing on The Savvy Engineer Business that i create since 2013 when i was student; the Savvy Engineer consists at providing free Engineering Design and Manufacturing content for Students and Professionals across the globe in addition of strategies on how to invest in your engineering knowledge, the savvy engineer was selected among best 50 CAD Blogs By feedspot since 2017,after 7 years of using CATIA, it helps me to shape what i could imagine using solid, surface or even subdivision techniques, manufacturing with CAM workbenches and analysing with FEA product!

Nathan Shipley > Dassault Systemes

Nathan Shipley

Assistant Directo, NIAR’s CAD/CAM Laboratory

Nathan is the Assistant Director of NIAR’s CAD/CAM Laboratory where he is responsible for department operations outside of the greater Wichita region, including training, consulting and contract project work. He has developed nationally recognized CATIA training manuals and teaches courses at Wichita State University and various companies within the aerospace industry. His expertise is geared around Composite Design, Manufacturing and Analysis, particularly with respect to CATIA Composites.  He has spent a significant amount of time engaging with companies in the Aerospace and Wind Blade industries for consulting, training and process development around composites.  He has worked at NIAR since 2002, previously as the CAD/CAM Lab Manager and as a Research Associate in the CAD/CAM Laboratory. 

Nicolas Bernard > Dassault Systemes

Nicolas Bernard

Mechanical CAD Designer, AML-SYSTEMS - Groupe Johnson Electric

Nicolas is a French Mechanical CAD designer with more than 11 years of experience. Calm, serious, curious, attentive, he can easily integrate any team. Nicolas is always glad to share his knowledge and his experience with CATIA V5. After many years working in France and in Canada (Quebec) he has experienced different methods of work. He has worked in different areas like automotive, rail vehicle, watercraft, recreational vehicle, autobus and automotive lighting segment, meeting many other CAD designers and exchanging lots of experiences. Possessing a sound knowledge of different manufacturing procedures, machining, plastic injection, rapid prototyping,… Nicolas feels comfortable even taking care of adversities. Knowing many CATIA V5 modules ( CATPart, CATProduct, Generative Shape Design, Sheet Metal, CATDrawing,…) he is able to create with parameters or even with an excel table, adding his knowledge in GD&T. Nicolas is a real « Swiss knife ».

Pablo Lazor > Dassault Systemes

Pablo Lazor

Senior CAD Designer, Idneo Technologies

With more than 15 years of experience in CAD / PLM, Pablo is a Technology Designer and currently works at Idneo Technologies, where he works as Senior CAD Designer. He has started working in the automotive and aeronautical sector since 2004, working with CATIA V4 and subsequently CATIA V5. He has worked for the main manufacturers of the automotive sector in Latin America and Europe, performing tasks in the area of design, engineering, promoting collaborative work, and using the PLM methodology. He has been a trainer since 2005 in CATIA V4, V5, V6 and lately in 3D Experience. Pablo is recognized and valued by his colleagues, due to his effort to collaborate in the use and customization of CATIA and PLM software.

Pedro Madero > Dassault Systemes

Pedro Madero

Design Engineer, Collins Aerospace

I am a design engineer. Currently I work as Design Engineer on Collins Aerospace. My first experience on CATIA was 3 years in this company and the software got my attention immediately. I started to learn about some workbenches as GSD and Composites Design at the same time I discovered the CATIA automation section and that impressed me a lot. Well, I realized everything I could automate, the time I could save and the mistakes that could be avoided. The first macro I developed took me few months. That macro reduced the cycle time of a process in CATIA from 7 hours to 30 minutes also  increased the precision of the process and developed a new method of superposition of curves on a surface. Since then my company has given me the opportunity to take several CATIA courses and I have shared my knowledge with my colleagues. I always try to invite then to learn about the possibilities that CATIA programming can offer.

Ramy Harik > Dassault Systemes

Ramy Harik

Resident researcher at the McNAIR Center, Aerospace Innovation and Research

Ramy is a passionate engineering educator who taught over three different continents (Europe, America, Asia) over 3000 engineers the concepts of design, manufacturing, CAD/CAM and ergonomics. A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Ramy Harik is a faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Carolina and a resident researcher at the McNAIR Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research. He has more than 3 million USD in funding from Boeing, NASA, SC Department of Commerce, Fokker Aerostructures, Dassault Aviation (funded as a student) and several other agencies. He is the recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Young Educator Award from Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society at the University of South Carolina. His education is multidisciplinary: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Automated Manufacturing and PhD in Industrial Engineering.

Rhushik Matroja > Dassault Systemes

Rhushik Matroja

Design Office Manager, We Are Pacific group’s PRISMADD Japan

Rhushik was born in India, grew up in France and now working in Japan. He graduated from ISMANS, a Mechanical and Material Engineering school based in Le Mans. He specialized in CAD Design and FEA analysis. He used CATIA V5 while in Engineering school and working for Sumitomo Wiring Systems in Japan. Currently he is Design Office Manager for We Are Pacific group’s PRISMADD Japan, an Additive manufacturing company specialized in AM Titanium Parts for Aerospace, Automotive and Medical industry. He redesigns and optimizes their conventionally created parts, to conform with AM processes by using GDE.

Riahi Sofien > Dassault Systemes

Riahi Sofien

Designer & PLM referent, SAFRAN Seats

My name is Riahi Sofien, I am a mechanical designer with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering & a master's degree in innovation management. My first contact with Catia was 7 years ago in my first year of college. I discovered the part & product design at first and after getting my bachelor degree, I started working as a project manager using CATIA at a Tunisian company specialized in the design & manufacturing of special machines. I wanted to discover the product design so I have decided to join Safran to work on new business class & Yankee seats. The process is similar to automotive design & manufacturing. The production rate makes the two sectors different. So we receive a Class A surface, we analyze it & propose modifications to enhance the feasibility of the parts & in some cases we propose a new class-A surface that matches the need & respects more the architectural constraints. Then we start thinking functionally and the engineering begins. Usually, we use plastic injection, thermoforming, Sheetmetal, Composite… I am also a PLM referent using Smarteam from Enovia, I help my colleagues to solve their problems & enhance their capabilities in product evolution management and product design. For me, CATIA is more than a tool, it’s a magical world where you can make your ideas real with no limits.

Richard Frontera > Dassault Systemes

Richard Frontera

Design & Automation Leader, Leko Labs

Richard has more than 15 years of experience working with CATIA. He enjoys the precision, flexibility and discipline it offers, and likes to explore the fields of possibilities. Starting his career as a draughtsman, he then worked on CATIA migration projects for major French car manufacturers, but also conducted PLM deployment and administration projects. Today, as a Design & Automation Leader for Leko Labs, he puts in place automation strategies to drive efficiency and productivity for his company. Richard is also very involved with GFUC, the French association of Dassault Systèmes users, piloting the CAD committee.

Saša Ćuković > Dassault Systemes

Saša Ćuković

Scientific Associate at the Institute, Information Technologies at University of Kragujevac

Dr Saša Ćuković is a Scientific Associate at the Institute for Information Technologies at University of Kragujevac. Serbia. Currently he is involved in the research project “Application of Biomedical Engineering in Pre-clinical and Clinical Practice” (III41007) financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia. He was a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship holder at ETH Zurich, DAAD grant holder at Technical University of Munich (Germany), and OeAD grant holder at TU Graz and MedUni Vienna (Austria) working on non-invasive diagnosis of spinal deformities. His main research interests include CAD/CAM systems, reverse engineering and noninvasive 3D reconstruction and modeling in engineering and medicine, augmented reality and computer vision. He authored/co-authored 4 books and more than 70 papers. He stated to use CATIA during his high and higher education and it followed him throughout all his education including doctorate and post-doctorate.

Satchit Ramnath

Satchit Ramnath

The Ohio State University

Satchit began working with CATIA V5 while working on a project for Airbus, in 2011 and was involved in generating both, conceptual and final designs. He worked on designing primary and secondary structural components for the Airbus A350. With over 6 years of CATIA experience, he started working as a research associate, in 2016, at the Simulation Innovation and Modeling Center (SIMCenter) housed within The Ohio State University. He is actively involved in industry funded research projects and student projects, in the field of design and optimization. As part of the role at SIMCenter, he helps train under-graduate and graduate students in CATIA v5. Apart from solid and surface modeling, Satchit also works on design automation in CATIA using knowledgeware.

Simon Mougin > Dassault Systemes

Simon Mougin

CAD Engineer, AML Systems

Simon has been working as a CAD engineer in the Automotive industry for almost 10 years. He is working mainly on Part design and Generative Shape Design. He is designing many types of plastic parts which are, the most difficult parts to design in his opinion. Simon also has been doing for a couple of years VBA developments on CATIA, improving everyday.

Steve Michaelis > Dassault Systemes

Steve Michaelis


Steve was born and grew up in Chemnitz / Germany, studied in Germany and United States and is now working in Berlin. He graduated from California State University Long Beach and from TUC - University of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. He specialized in design with over 14 years of CATIA V5 experience using CAD, FEA & Automation during studies and professional life. Steve worked as a CAD trainer in university, mechanical designer in automotive for Porsche and Volkswagen and is now working in Berlin for ALSTOM, a French railway rolling stock OEM. His tasks vary from CAD automation in VBA / .net over defining international CAD methodologies to CAx / IT support & training.

Steven Marjieh > Dassault Systemes

Steven Marjieh

Application Engineer Tata Technologies

Steven started working on CATIA V5 back in 2001 on Revision 5. In the space of 18 years Steven has worked on various disciplines (surfacing, class a, reverse engineering, mechanical design, large assembly management, NC and MBD) and across several verticals (Automotive, Aerospace, Space, Product/Home Goods, Medical Devices and Architecture). From design and engineering to training and consulting Stevens experience runs nearly the entire gamut. He has been on 3 continents in many different roles and positions. He was an early tester (2007) for the V6 platform and is extremely excited with what’s to come in 3DEXPERIENCE.

Tomas Ivaskevicius > Dassault Systemes

Tomas Ivaskevicius

Industrial designer, Nokia Design Finland

Tomas has started his career as an industrial designer at Nokia Design Finland following his graduation from the Lahti Design Institute in 2004. Working with Nokia's leading creative minds Tomas quickly progressed to senior level role and had led design processes for some of the most popular mass products. Taking ideas from sketch to production using CATIA tools became part of the everyday job. As a designer he is interested to apply CATIA towards fluid creative process to benefit overall product quality, styling and aesthetics. Since 2014 Tomas provides independent design and modelling solutions to global transportation and automotive brands. Most recently Tomas was engaged by GEELY design Sweden where he helped to build a fast-paced and efficient CATIA IMA creative workflow. Tomas's main mission is to free creativity completely, rapidly test many ideas and turn them into tangible and feasible surface concepts.

Tom Banzhaf > Dassault Systemes

Tom Banzhaf

Senior Engineer, Textron Aviation

Tom is a Senior Engineer at Textron Aviation. He is a member of the Engineering Tools and Methods group, where he provides support for all of Textron Aviation’s Enovia and Catia users. Tom started working as a Press Brake operator in 1989 later an Aluminum Heat Treater, and Numerical Control Machine Operator. After that he moved into programing the NC machines using CATIA, he has used CATIA for more than 20 years. Tom enjoys making things better for the community. And helping them to become better at using CATIA and ENOVIA. His favorite method of solid modeling is using Aerospace Sheet Metal Design, which he has done for the last 10 years.    

Thomas Razier > Dassault Systemes

Thomas Razier

Aerodynamic shapes Designer, Dassault Aviation

After five years at Dassault Systemes in CATIA / DELMIA R&D team, Thomas joined Dassault Aviation as An Aerodynamic shapes Designer. Since early 2017, he is fully in charge of this activity as well as the Process & Tools Project Management for the Engineering department. 

Tomislav Solina > Dassault Systemes

Tomislav Solina

CATIA CAS Specialist, Byton Design

With more than 15 years of experience in Surface modelling with CATIA for creative designers, Tomislav is working at Byton Design in Munich as a Catia CAS Specialist, styling next generation vehicles using CATIA from the very first phases of the concepts until the final production models. Tomislav started his career as CAD/CAS consultant in Croatia, working across multiple sectors. Afterwards he moved to Ingolstadt in Germany joining Audi. After being part for several years of the “Audi Design Team”, where he managed to improve the design process introducing Catia Imagine&Shape, he decided to join Geely, moving to Sweden, again to introduce Imagine&Shape to the new community. Today he is spelling his magic to speed up Byton’s design process and to show to the world the power of CATIA for hybrid styling solutions.

Tony Parez-Edo Martin > Dassault Systemes

Tony Parez-Edo Martin

Founder of Paredo Studio

Tony is the founder of Paredo Studio and works as a Global Designer in strategy design, industrial design and service design. He grew up in Madrid and Paris and started in mechanical engineering before going into industrial design and innovation management. It was through his professional experiences at Renault, Delsey and Dassault Systèmes that he explored his use of 3D through CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE both in mechanical engineering, design and styling as well as in architecture. Today his studio helps startups and companies to build effective and rational strategies for innovative and emotional products. Pushing innovation from ideation to final production, Paredo Studio thinks, creates and optimizes the right curve, shape, product and experience for people and the planet. Inspired by contemporary lifestyle, new technology and biomimicry, he used the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for "3D Concept & Styling", "Patterns & Parametric Design", “VR & Renderings” or “Mechanical & Assembly Design" in order to address social and sustainable inovations in the current context of our society.

Vedran Tare > Dassault Systemes

Vedran Tare

DMU Leader, Rimac Automobili d.o.o as

Vedran is an experienced and proved CATIA Engineer, mostly grown in automotive and yachting industry. With more than 17 years of experience and providing large number of services to various customers with scope on R&D, modeling, surfacing, structure and kinematic analysis, product certification, production preparation and planning and lots more... He is currently working in Rimac Automobili d.o.o as DMU Leader where beside of standard virtual prototype analysis special focus is given to 3D Experience implementation. In charge for CAD and PLM methodology development and education, Vedran successfully integrates most of his knowledge and push Rimac development teams to use top manner skills in class and manage real concurrent engineering inside 3DX. 

Victor Jimenez > Dassault Systemes

Victor Jimenez

Designer, SEAT (Automotive)

Victor started with CATIA V5 in 2007. Mainly in the automotive sector, developing different types of products such as plastic parts, sheet metal, radiators and other components. He always seek to improve the quality and automation of the models, using methodologies such as skeletons, publications and design tables. In the last years, he has worked a lot on surfaces (specifically on the car tailgate), a process that he managed to improve. One of the challenges was eliminating the use of B-rep's, the edgefillet is history. In plastic pieces he uses the method of creating both sides of the part ( like the mould tool), this method has also offered great advantages. The use of VBA has allowed him a great advance in reducing time and standardizing tasks.

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