What is AUTOSAR Builder?

AUTOSAR Builder is a flexible and powerful solution for the development and verification of automotive distributed embedded systems according to ©AUTOSAR standard, supporting AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive.

AUTOSAR Builder is a quite comprehensive ©AUTOSAR toolchain, starting from authoring to ECU configuration via ECU extract, RTE generation, simulation and test, and more features. It enables you to import Model Based Design legacy descriptions and generate AUTOSAR compliant C code, ready to be embedded in target ECUs. Through exchange formats defined by AUTOSAR, AUTOSAR Builder also works with other AUTOSAR-compliant tools, such as ©EB tresos Studio from Elektrobit.

Benefits of Car Design Software

AUTOSAR Builder offers fast integration in any process, open customization, and verifies compliance with the AUTOSAR standard. It enables rapid development of complex architectures through wizards, table-based and diagram editors. Effective analysis and validation are facilitated, while simplifying resource organization. It eases interoperability with popular formats and code generation tools, including FMI, and integrates seamlessly with 3rd-party tools supporting ARXML.

CATIA - Autosar E-car > Dassault Systemes
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Highlights of AUTOSAR & Automotive Design Software

  •  Authoring Environment: Software and System modeling including network design.
  •  Ensuring 100% AUTOSAR compliance using ©Artop.
  •  Support of AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive.
  •  Comprehensive and customizable validation engine.
  •  ECU Environment: Configures ECU and generates BSW code.
  •  ECU and System Extract to exchange with 3rd party AUTOSAR BSW configuration tools.
  •  Roundtrip support thru AUTOSAR compare and merge.
  •  RTE Generator: Automatically generates embedded C code for RTE layer.
  •  ASim: AUTOSAR Simulation, covering VFB , ECU and System level.

Authoring for AUTOSAR Classic & Adaptive

AUTOSAR Builder encompasses all AUTOSAR development domains, including Classic Platform (app software, system design, Basic Software, integration) and Adaptive Platform (manifest, ECU integration, system description), ensuring easy and reliable execution of these tasks.

Autosar - classic > Dassault Systemes


AUTOSAR Builder is 100% AUTOSAR standard-compliant. To ease the creation of complex AUTOSAR models, it offers user friendly wizards and advanced graphical and table-based editors, guiding the user thru typical AUTOSAR design steps. Therefore, it hides the complexity of AUTOSAR design activity through features which not only prevent the user from creating erroneous designs but also by offering automated completion/creation of AUTOSAR design elements. 

AUTOSAR Builder provides a powerful validation engine, helping the user identifying and solving design and configuration issues. 

Simulation & Test

ASim (AUTOSAR Simulation) allows early system integration/verification. It simulates your virtual ECU on your computer. Setup is easy; provide your software component description. ASim automates configuration, generating AUTOSAR OS and RTE for your virtual ECU. It offers various test modes.

Automatic Mode

AUTOSAR Builder is 100% AUTOSAR standard-compliant. To ease the creation of complex The Automatic Mode executes automatic driven tests thru test cases which can be described in different test formats.

The result of the simulation is displayed in the ASimUnit view as you can see in the picture below. 

Autosar Simulation automatc mode > Dassault Systemes

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