SIMULIA eLearning Resources

Providing high quality simulation and training resources on demand

SIMULIA eLearning Resources

SIMULIA provides extensive eLearning solutions, published on various platforms, to enable:

  • Training at anytime, in any location, at your own pace.
  • Review and complement what you learn class
  • Quickly get an answer whenever a question comes up

Learning paths combine trainings courses for 3DEXPERIENCE applications to training packages according to the user's role.

Training courses on 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Space

Collection of eLearning resources

Structural Simulation





Automation and Optimization


Tosca Fluid

Fluid Simulation



Electromagnetic Simulation



Multibody Systems


SIMULIA eLearning Resources, sorted by Platform

SIMULIA provides extensive eLearning solutions, published on various platforms (some require registration, login, and payment to access the content):

  • 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Space is the online platform for all Dassault Systemes’ training material. Customers can get (paid) access for on-demand training - to access the material according to their needs and schedule.
  • SIMULIA Community is a community for all SIMULIA users allowing free access to various types of technical material after registration. The platform hosts a large variety of videos, webinars / eSeminar recordings, eLearning packages, technical tips, success stories and publications.
  • SIMULIA Knowledge base contains a collection of technical tips for SIMULIA products and workflow scenarios.
  • SIMULIA Blog is an open platform providing information about SIMULIA from success stories to blog posts. The platform contains extensive links to the Learning Community and the YouTube Channel.
  • SIMULIA YouTube Channel contains a collection of videos on SIMULIA products, application cases and workflow scenarios.

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