Simpack FlexTrack

Providing how to set up flexible rail track models in Simpack and preparing the FE models for the import

Course Objective

This course explains how to set up flexible rail track models in Simpack. This course covers the following topics:

  • Set up of a finite element based flexible rail track in Simpack
  • Preparing the FE models for the import
  • Craigh-Bampton reduction
  • Import of the reduced FE-Models into Simpack
  • Selection of  the appropriate FE modeling method
  • Modeling of non-linear railpads and ballast defects
  • Take advantage of Simpack scripts for semi-automatic flexible track setup

Who should attend and prerequisites

Simpack Rail users interested in advanced train/track interaction, and engineers involved in modelling the dynamic behavior of tracks, bridges, switches and crossings. Before undertaking the course, you are required to have completed the Introduction to Simpack and the Simpack Rail training courses. The Simpack Flexible Bodies course is beneficial but not mandatory.

Course Overview

The overview provides details of the topics covered in each lecture. Please note that the actual course agenda may vary depending on location.




Schedule and Registration

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