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Mentoring Day

Course Objective 

To allow immediate application of the material covered in the preceding class, this course allows students to work on their own models related to that course and gain assistance from the experts at SIMULIA. This will greatly improve the students’ ability to apply the course material to industrial problems. Software appropriate to the training class will be available to build new models or modify existing models.

The students should bring their own CD or memory stick with existing model data such as STEP files, CAE files, ZMF files, input files, data files, message files, ODB files, etc. Material or other tabular input for import to Abaqus should be in an ASCII text file. If a student wants to take the modified models back with them, the student should bring a memory stick. Please realize that a large complex model may not solve efficiently for the students during the Mentoring Day. Therefore, smaller or simplified models will allow the students to try more techniques while they are here.

Some courses may be followed by a one-day Mentoring Day. This offers you the opportunity to enhance your training experience by working on your own models under the supervision of SIMULIA experts.

The course includes computers that will be available for the students to use to build and modify their models. Please bring your models; instructors will be available to answer your questions.

Who should attend

Every user can benefit from this hands-on Mentoring Day.

Course Agenda

Day One

  • Introductions
  • Any models that you bring can be used for the Mentoring Day
  • Questions and Answers