GUI Customization with Abaqus

Provides understanding of programming routines that allow you to change the Abaqus graphical user interface (GUI) and build customized applications

Course Objective

Increasingly, Abaqus is being applied to more routine, repeatable workflows and analysis procedures. These workflows can be captured using specialized Abaqus Process Automation tools. One of the more commonly used Process Automation tools is the Abaqus GUI Toolkit. The Abaqus GUI Toolkit provides programming routines that allow you to change the Abaqus graphical user interface (GUI) and build customized applications. Such applications can enable you to capture proven Abaqus-centric workflows and methods for deployment to a wider range of users and generate Abaqus solutions more efficiently and reliably.

This course introduces the Abaqus GUI Toolkit through a combination of lectures, examples and workshops.

Who Should Attend and Prerequisites

This course is ideal for users interested in modifying and extending the capabilities of Abaqus by customizing their Abaqus interface. This seminar assumes prior knowledge of the Python programming language and the Abaqus kernel commands. Thus, students must attend the Introduction to Abaqus Scripting seminar prior to attending this class. Experience with object-oriented programming and GUI toolkits is recommended, but not required.

This course covers basic syntax and the fundamentals of the Abaqus GUI Toolkit. Hands-on workshops are an integral component of learning about the Abaqus GUI Toolkit and represent a significant portion of the seminar experience. The workshops focus on distinct aspects of the GUI Toolkit and build upon each other in order to create a complete stand-alone application.

Course Overview 

The overview provides details of the topics covered in each lecture. Please note that the actual course agenda may vary depending on location.

Schedule and Registration

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