CST Studio Suite - Multiphysics

Provides understanding of how to use CST's Multiphysics Studio to perform thermal and mechanical analysis

Course Objective


This course describes how to use CST's Multiphysics Studio to perform thermal and mechanical analysis. The course first goes over the basic concepts of heat transfer and mechanical behaviors of materials, then explains the sources, boundary conditions, meshing and solver options available in MPS, and illustrates the steps of a EM-Thermal-Mechanical coupled simulation.

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Obtain basic thermal and mechanical theories, get an overview of CST's Multiphysics Studio's capabilities
  • Understand basic sources, boundary conditions meshing options and solver options in MPS
  • Be able to run an EM-Thermal-Mechanical coupled analysis

Who should attend and prerequisites

Recommended for Electromagnetic Simulation Analysts who also need thermal and mechanical analysis as part of their workflow. .Before undertaking the course, it is a mandatory prerequisite that you complete the Introduction to CST Studio Suite training course or any CST training class from 2018 or earlier.

Course Overview 

The overview provides details of the topics covered in each lecture. Please note that the actual course agenda may vary depending on location.



Schedule and Registration

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