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Complete Realistic Simulation Solutions for Scientific and Engineering Education

Invest in your future. Develop the personal simulation skills you need to become successful in your academic journey and later on in the job market.

3DEXPERIENCE Engineer is a set of solutions made for you across the entire design-to-manufacture ecosystem and proven industry workflows, all connected together through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for a unique and intuitive learning experience.

Access powerful capabilities for 3D design (SOLIDWORKS & CATIA), simulation (SIMULIA), manufacturing (DELMIA) and product data and lifecycle management (ENOVIA), all in a single environment for short learning curve and complete Engineering journey.

Extend your engineering capabilities and innovate faster with intuitive design, advanced simulation, manufacturing and product lifecycle management – all in the cloud for easy access and collaborative experience.

Invest in your future now. Explore 3DEXPERIENCE Engineer

The ABAQUS Learning Edition (LE) is available free of charge to anyone wishing to get started with Abaqus.

The Abaqus LE is available on Windows platform only and supports structural models up to 1000 nodes.

The full documentation collection in HTML format makes this the perfect Abaqus learning tool.

You can download the ABAQUS LE free of charge from the SIMULIA Community.

The CST Studio Suite Learning Edition (LE) introduces you to the world of electromagnetic simulation, making Maxwell’s equations easier to understand than ever. With this free edition you have - bar some restrictions - access to our powerful visualization engine and some of the most advanced solvers of CST Studio Suite, making it ideal for use as part of coursework as well as for anyone wishing to become more proficient with CST Studio Suite.

To accompany the CST Studio Suite LE, we have prepared some examples, which are typical of the type of textbook problems you may encounter during your studies of electromagnetic theory or other related courses. Each tutorial includes a descriptive text, a CST Studio Suite file and also a short video showing how to construct each of the models. These examples are available in the SIMULIA Community.

You can download the CST Studio Suite LE free of charge from the SIMULIA Community.

Antenna Magus is the most extensive antenna synthesis tool available today. It supports over 350 antenna types, which can be designed to meet the system criteria and exported to integrate seamlessly with your design workflow. Many additional tools and utilities useful for efficient antenna and array design or evaluation are also included.

Antenna Magus Learning Edition (LE) makes design capabilities for 12 popular antenna types available and can generate high quality simulation models of these designs. It can also be used to synthesize basic antenna arrays and includes a selection of useful utilities. All simulation models generated using Antenna Magus LE are fully compatible with CST Studio Suite and some models are also compatible with CST Studio Suite Learning Edition

You can download the Antenna Magus LE free of charge from the SIMULIA Community.


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Simulation Offers for Students

3DEXPERIENCE Engineer for Students Abaqus Learning Edition CST Studio Suite Learning Edition Antenna Magus Learning Edition
Simulation Domains Structures, Fluids, Electromagnetics Structures Electromagnetics Electromagnetics (Antenna Synthesis)
Optimization Included (Parametric & non-parametric) - - Base functionality
Model Size Limit Structures:
      1M nodes
      5M nodes
     1M hexahedrons
      80k tetrahedrons
      2k surface mesh cells
1K nodes 100k hexahedrons
20k tetrahedrons
500 CAD faces
Limited to 12 antenna types
CPU core limit Structures:
     4 cores
8 cores
1 core 1 CPU (all cores) -
CAD Modeling Advanced Basic Basic -
General (IGES, STEP)
SOLIDWORKS (non-associative)
General (IGES, STEP)
- -
Project Management Included - - -
Collaboration Included - - -
Data Management Included - - -
Learning Material Available- Access to Edu Learning Space & SIMULIA Community Available - Access from SIMULIA Community Available - Access from SIMULIA Community Available - Access from SIMULIA Community
Certification Included - - -
Cloud Storage Included (5GB) - - -
Target Audience Students (Student ID required) Student & private use (non-commercial) Student & private use (non-commercial) Student & private use (non-commercial)
Price $72 | 72€ | £60 - annual lease Free Free Free