Realistic Simulation for the Automotive Industry

Manufacturers and suppliers use Realistic Simulation Solutions from SIMULIA to evaluate design alternatives, collaborate on projects and leverage computing resources for more efficient design analysis.

Transportation and Mobility

Stiff competition, cost pressures, excessive production capacity and short development cycles are challenges facing global automotive manufacturers who are making major changes in their business strategy. In order to secure their long-term production plans, global automotive manufacturers are expanding into new markets, forming global alliances to insure their presence in regional and niche markets and attempting to achieve economies of scale. They are also rationalizing their worldwide industrial organization. In particular, the production of several vehicles on a single platform has been generalized, enabling the manufacturers to control production costs and meet production deadlines. Finally, global automotive manufacturers are putting emphasis on managing their supply chain and developing efficient aftermarket strategies.

In order for manufacturers and suppliers to stay competitive with the industry's increasing complexity, they need to adapt their products and processes. Companies are seeking new ways to automate their design processes, capture best practices and make more productive use of limited engineering resources. Up-front design validation is critical in order to minimize cost and maximize efficiencies. Engineers need a robust, integrated analysis toolset to assure success in this field.

SIMULIA provides realistic simulation solutions—such as our Abaqus Unified FEA product suite, Multiphysics, simulation automation and optimization capabilities, and SLM products—that address a multitude of automotive engineering challenges. Our state-of-the-art integrated software solutions help customers realize all aspects of their analyses. Users can study linear, nonlinear and transient dynamics load cases using one tool and often using the same engineering model.

Solution Capabilities