Industrial Equipment Simulation Solutions


Industrial Equipment manufacturers make some of the most complex products in the world under highly competitive market conditions. Products are specialized with demanding design and production requirements. Manufacturers face the challenges of creating products that meet many different customers’ performance and safety requirements while improving cycle times and reducing costs.

SIMULIA provides realistic simulation solutions that address a multitude of engineering challenges for industrial equipment manufacturers. We offer easy-to-use analysis tools that allow designers to make decisions about design. SIMULIA also provides tools to automate the performance of design exploration studies and design optimization.  This broad simulation portfolio enables Industrial Equipment developers to leverage the right simulation tool for their specific application and also enables collaboration between designers and analysis experts to accelerate fully informed performance-based design decisions and reduce the need for costly physical testing. Our design analysis solutions enable you to accurately predict complex real-word behavior of component parts, large-scale structures, and complete systems.

Heavy Mobile Machinery & Equipment

Heavy Machinery Operating Performance

With increasing regulations, heavy machinery manufacturers must deliver machines that perform consistently in various operating environments. Heavy machinery must be durable while being able to perform a variety of tasks, must operate in highly regulated environments, and often haul large quantity of material. The Heavy Machinery Operating Performance Industry Process Experience provides solutions specifically conceived to maximize life and performance of heavy mobile equipment.

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Heavy Machinery Structural Engineering

Heavy mobile equipment has to stay in operation for decades, operating for long hours and under heavy loads. It is highly critical that this equipment is designed to be durable. Heavy Machinery Structural Engineering solutions from Dassault Systèmes helps streamline the simulation process to evaluate product failures and to minimize warranty costs early in the design cycle.

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Heavy Machinery Safety & Comfort

Operators spend hours on end sitting in their cabin, so making sure they are comfortable, and safe, goes a long way to increasing efficiency and decreasing operating costs. Reinvent the cabin of next generation machinery, pass stringent certifications, and promote increased operating efficiency with Dassault Systemes solutions. Benefit from high fidelity and multiphysic simulation capabilities to ensure that operators are satisfied in well-engineered and competitively priced heavy machinery.

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Tire Manufacturers

Tire Engineering

Demand for tires is projected to double over the next decade. Mobility changes towards electrical and autonomous vehicles will only accelerate this demand. To meet this demand and to remain competitive tire manufacturers need to accelerate innovation. Tire Engineering solutions from Dassault Systèmes help tire manufacturers evaluate tire performance at an early stage of product development and to push their “Magic Triangle” beyond current boundaries.

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Tire Vehicle Simulation

Tire Vehicle Simulation enables tire manufacturers to comply with ever increasing regulations like NHTSA Performance Requirements, including multibody simulation for full vehicle dynamics with full fidelity modeling as well as Component level response (impact to Chassis). Our set of solutions also includes exchanges between tire manufacturers and vehicle OEM with IP Control (Virtual Tire Submission). In case exchanges are not possible, our Tire reverse engineering workflow allows vehicle OEMs to reconstruct virtual tire twins.

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Other Industry Segments

Equipment Operating Performance

Whether it be at home or in a manufacturing plant, our workflows provide effective simulation solutions to improve the performance of your equipment. Target increased efficiency of your HVAC design to meet LEED certification, all whilst guaranteeing human thermal and acoustic comfort. Improve lubrication designs or machinery cooling noise, and give your assembly plant smart factory connectivity to always be a step ahead, with Dassault Systèmes.

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Equipment Structural Engineering

With the increasing demand in manufacturing products, or the massive urbanization of the planet, industrial equipment is at the core of our global transformation. To meet this demand, products and manufacturing processes need robustness to minimize downtime costs and reduce maintenance costs. Our set of solutions, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, empowers engineers to design durable equipment meeting performance, operational, and manufacturing requirements.

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Power and Fluidic Equipment Engineering

Energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs are becoming the operating words for power and fluidic equipment manufacturers. Dassault Systemes delivers best-in-class simulation solutions to help focus on these objectives during development. Explore the performance of power generating systems such as turbines and electrical equipment, improve the lifetime of your pumping circuits, or reduce the noise from your cooling systems, all with our high accuracy workflows. 

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