Aerospace & Defense Simulation Solutions

Accelerating from Concept to Takeoff with Simulation

The Aerospace & Defense industry is facing increasing pressure to reduce production costs while increasing production rates. At the same time, program complexity is increasing and an evolving workforce requires new mechanisms of proper knowledge transfer.

SIMULIA solutions enable the Aerospace & Defense industry to meet these complex challenges by providing accurate multi-scale and multi-physics simulation solutions. Leveraging simulation early in the design phase can help to reduce development time, reduce the cost of physical testing, and reduce the risk of not meeting certification requirements.

Structural analyses can be completed at multiple levels of model fidelity, with seamless load transmission. Multi-disciplinary trade-off analyses can be performed during the concept phase, to optimize a design across a range of requirements. Advanced aerodynamic capabilities enable the industry to expand CFD usage from the center of the flight envelope to exploring the entire flight envelope, reducing costly wind tunnel testing. Overall noise levels of new aircraft designs can be simulated reliably and these solutions are moving the industry towards Digital Noise Certification. Our comprehensive electromagnetic solvers allow for rapid antenna prototyping, and ensuring the reliability of all communication systems.

Simulating the Future of Aerospace

Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility is an attractive new potential market, with start-ups as well as established aerospace companies developing concepts for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. Although these vehicles have incredible promise in alleviating traffic congestion on the ground, enormous engineering challenges must first be overcome. The breadth of the SIMULIA portfolio can help this industry to rapidly develop aerodynamically efficient, quiet, and safe concept vehicles.

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Digital Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing has opened up new possibilities for product design. Yet, the industry still struggles with unknowns and variables such as: part distortions, residual stress, process repeatability, and microstructure evolutions among other challenges. Our award winning simulation application for additive provides an accurate end-to-end framework with validated predicted capability for distortion, residual stress and micro-structure evolution.

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Turbomachines and Aircraft Propulsion

The development an aircraft engine is very demanding in terms of engineering to match the high performance target set for each part. The simulation panel necessary to design an entire engine cover multiple scales, multiple physics and multiple abstraction levels. The ability to interface seamlessly is crucial to be able to achieve the overall performance target looking at the entire engine. Get some more information about our specialized offer for aeroacoustics, structure, Electromagnetism and more following the link.

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Simulation Based Industry Processes

Multi-Disciplinary Trade-Off Analysis

The development cost of modern aerospace systems in terms of design time, testing, and financial investment has grown significantly over the past half-decade. Steadily increasing system complexity and costs call for modern technology to assist engineers in the development process.

A Multi-Disciplinary Trade-Off Analysis offers a new approach to the design and manufacturability of complex systems – an approach that relies on virtual experimentation and verification in place of physical prototyping.

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Sub-System Level Structural Validation

For the certification of aerospace structures, it is essential to prove that strength requirements are met. To increase certification confidence in all development phases, SIMULIA offers scalable and highly accurate solutions for structural validation. On Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, structural validation is fully integrated with design leading to significant improvements in engineering efficiency.

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Aircraft Aerodynamic Performance

The aerodynamic performance of an aircraft is a key contributor to its overall flight performance. Accurate prediction of the aerodynamic performance is essential to ensure that performance targets and certification requirements can be addressed throughout all development phases of an aircraft program.

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Aircraft Community Noise

Since airplanes have to meet strict community noise and environmental protection regulations, it is important to understand how aircraft noise is generated and how it is perceived on the ground. Thanks to SIMULIA fluids solutions, engineers can identify and mitigate noise sources in realistic flight conditions early in the design process, thus reducing physical prototyping and certification costs.

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Aircraft Communication & Detection System Performance

Reliable communication, navigation and detection are crucial for safe and efficient operation of aircraft. Accurate prediction of the communication systems performance is essential to ensure that design targets and certification requirements are met while reducing costly physical testing to a minimum.

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Aerospace System Electromagnetic Performance

Effective electromagnetic (EM) protections and hardening of components are essential for the safe operation of aircraft and spacecraft in electromagnetic environments as such as lightning, HIRF and EMP. Accurate EM simulation allows the design of reliable products by better understanding EM environmental effects. This means that less physical testing is required and shortens the time to successful certification.

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Airframe Structural Vulnerability Analysis

The capability of continued safe flight after accidental in-service impacts, such as bird strike, is a key requirement for aircraft type certification. Demonstrating this capability through physical testing results in significant costs. To reduce such costs by leveraging accurate vulnerability simulations much earlier in the design process, SIMULIA structural solver technology is fully integrated with design on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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