SIMULIA Services

Providing high quality simulation and training services to enable our customers to be more productive and competitive.

Simulation Services

Our Simulation Services team provides unmatched opportunities for you to extend your simulation reach into the product development lifecycle.

We have helped hundreds of companies achieve their business objectives through accelerated implementation and use of SIMULIA products. Our long track record of successful projects spans industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, biomedical, consumer products, heavy equipment and petrochemical. In addition to our local expertise, we draw upon global resources to help you achieve real return on your investment in simulation technology.

We can provide assistance not only in the operation of our software applications, but in the implementation of our simulation solutions which can drive increased product quality, reduced costs and measurable gains in process efficiency. Our services are aimed at providing better use and insight into the application of our software products. We do not provide "licensed or certified engineering" as defined by local or state statutes.