Latest Release


What’s new in 2020

New Features

  • New GPU solver for single phase flows with fixed geometries. Limited availability only.
  • New XFlow-engine.exe available as a unique executable for all solvers
  • Project templates available in the Project Manager window
  • Recent projects available in the File menu
  • Domain box and text color can be set in the Preferences
  • Arbitrary geometries can be used to refine regions
  • New “insidegeometry()” function available to initialize flow field inside a geometry 
  • Different contact angle can be imposed on every shape with the Phase Field solver
  • New Q-criterion field available 
  • Simulation time can be extended via simulation time file while the simulation is running


  • Force calculation in Abaqus co-simulation is parallelized
  • Force estimation at edges in Abaqus co-simulation is improved

Pressure measurement at probes in multiphase is improved to reduce noise