Fluids Simulations to Improve Real-World Performance

What’s new in 2021x

  • New GPU Features:
    • MPI solver allowing multi-GPU simulations
    • Adaptive refinement algorithm can be used with MPI GPU simulations
    • Phase field solver is now available
    • Moving geometries using the immersed-boundary method are now available
    • Total pressure boundary condition now available
    • Free-slip walls now available
    • Surface fields now available: Cf, Cp, Y+
    • Temporal laws can be used as input for boundary conditions and external acceleration
    • Law parser supports now all functions
    • Tabular data files can be used as input
    • User-defined variables can be used
  • New Search in Project Tree feature allows filtering lines in the project tree for a faster tree exploration.
  • Support for moving porous media using the immersed-boundary method.