Durability Analysis Software for Finite Element Models

What’s new in fe-safe 2018


  • fe-safe capabilities summary: 
    • Fatigue of welded joints
    • Vibration fatigue
    • Test program validation
    • Critical distance methods for crack growth prediction
    • Property mapping for casting or forging simulations
    • Warranty curves combine variations in material fatigue strengths and variability in loading to calculate the probability of survival over a range of service lives
    • Manufacturing effects from forming or assembly process to estimate residual stresses for rapid sensitivity analysis
    • Virtual strain gauges can be specified in fe-safe to correlate with measured data.
    • Signal processing, load history manipulation, fatigue from strain gauges, and generation of accelerated testing signals are among the many features included as standard.
    • fe-safe can be run inside an optimization loop to allow designs to be optimized for fatigue performance. fe-safe interfaces to Isight and TOSCA from SIMULIA.
    • Coupling between SIMPACK Flex bodies, Abaqus, and fe-safe.
    • Interfaces to Abaqus ODB, ANSYS RST, and NASTRAN OP2 files.