Antenna Magus

Antenna Magus includes libraries for specifications, substrates, waveguides and connectors. These libraries simplify finding commercial/standard substrates, waveguides, connectors and specifications. Specifications can be used to find devices and/or to set up objectives for a specific application area. Substrates in the substrates library may be used when designing antennas in Antenna Magus, while the waveguide and connectors can be exported from their respective libraries. The libraries can be accessed at any time by going to the ‘Libraries’ tab on the ribbon.

Connectors library

The Connectors library contains a number of common coaxial RF connectors that might be used when modeling antennas. For each connector type, parametric export models are available for supported CEM tools. For some connectors the option exists to select between different types (e.g. panel-mount or edge mount) in Export mode.


Here is a brief look at a few of the connectors in the library:



Waveguide library

The waveguide library in Antenna Magus is a collection of common designation standardized waveguides. It can be used to easily find the dimensions of a specific designation or to find the electrical characteristics of a standard guide. Cut-off frequencies, as well as usage frequency ranges are indicated in the library. Custom waveguides that may be in use in a company/industry can easily be added to the library for easy reference.

Substrate library

The substrate library contains an extensive list of commercial substrates and allows for the easy addition of user specified substrates. This eliminates the need to search literature or the internet for suitable substrates for a given antenna element. The substrate library is one click away and it conveniently filters the whole database of substrates according to specified physical or electrical properties.

Specification library

The Specification Library may be used to store various design specifications in a structured format. These Specifications may subsequently be used in Find Mode (to help identify feasible antennas) as well as in Design Mode (to populate the Design Objectives of antennas in the Collection). A number of pre-defined specifications are included as part of the library. These pre-defined Specifications may be used as-is or expanded and refined by the user.

Each Specification contains Values representing the performance requirements of the targeted design, as well as Keywords describing the required antenna. Specifications may be defined and refined using a number of tools provided in the Specification Editor interface. These tools include the Antenna Magus Keyword dictionary, the Conversion calculators (also available in the Design Mode) and the advanced Chart Tracer tool.

Specifications stored in the Specification Library may be used to populate the Keyword search terms in The Find Mode of Antenna Magus, and may also be used to populate the design objectives of all antennas quickly and easily.

The Specification Library interface
The Advanced Chart Tracer Tool inside the Specification Editor
Using values for a specification to populate design objectives