What's New in SIMULIA R2023x


Dassault Systèmes has delivered 3DEXPERIENCE Release R2023x to all customers including enhancements for MODSIM (Unified Modeling & Simulation), CATIA & SOLIDWORKS designer simulation, and Cloud simulation flexibility and performance.  Select enhancements include:

For MODSIM, next-generation concept design of composite stiffened structures is empowered with MODSIM design exploration, using the Stiffened Structures Design Engineer and Composites Structures Analysis Engineer roles as part of the Aerospace Concept Structural Engineering industry process.  Glazed body-in-white structural model build for noise, vibration, and durability analysis is accelerated, reducing time spent by up to 50% with improvements and more automation in mid-surfacing and meshing as well as connections for adhesives and welds (FD01).  Fully-coupled 3D thermo-electrochemistry including pore pressure is now available to leverage integrated MODSIM for battery cell development (FD01).

For CATIA and SOLIDWORKS users, the new Parametric Design Study Essentials app now allows users to perform intuitive design exploration for product performance optimization early in the design process. 

Also, SIMULIA OPERA technology is integrated into the Electromagnetics Engineer role to enhance electromagnetics analysis by adding low-frequency capabilities for motor design and optimization (FD01).

For Cloud users, new support for complete cloud-based workflows for the electromagnetics domain is available in the Electromagnetics Engineer Role enabling modeling and results post-processing directly on 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud via a web browser, better connecting the CST Studio Suite to the platform for improved accessibility.