PLM Analytics Porfolio

Reveal, measure and analyze PLM data 

The PLM Analytics offer is composed of software to build analytics applications, pre-built applications and packaged services.


PLM Analytics on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a way to reveal and create value from all existing data required to manage a company’s product lifecycle. It includes more than the structured and unstructured data found in Product Lifecycle Management systems, as it comprises all information related to the product development process, such as files found in ERP and CRM systems in multiple formats (spreadsheets, files, etc.).  

This comprehensive view provides a single source of truth for all users, who can create applications most relevant to their business, whether they manage the design, product, processes, operations, and more.



Build on-demand analytics views... Available to every business user... Based on reliable & secure data... In a collaborative environment.


  • Self-Service empowers every business user to leverage 3DEXPERIENCE data for building his own multidimensional analytics views on demand with the “Business Analytics Manager” and share them in a collaborative environment.
  • Self-Service enables clear visibility on top of enterprise data for every user.

KPI Intelligence

KPI Intelligence ensures optimal product engineering design and the definition of critical KPIs to be tracked throughout any project. 

  • Track its evolution over time while performing KPI diagnosis along the product structure
  • Track & monitor business and technical KPIs: Weight & Balance - Cost - Material compliance
  • Follow the gap-to-target and identify the reason for this gap
  • Trend analysis and deviation of analysis




Pre-built to... Learn from all data and users... Provide in-context intelligent recommendations... Deliver performance!

Issue Intelligence: Ensure issue tracking and fast resolution execution

  • Issues trend analysis and deviation identification
  • Diagnosis of issues origin in order to implement the needed preventive or corrective modifications
  • Identify issues related to the ongoing projects and the impact on the parts and assembly
  • Measure and reduce overall business impact of issues



Change Intelligence: Track and follow all the change processes in order to build the product and conduct the project

  • Change resolution process analysis from the order to action actions realized to assess the process efficiency
  • Change trend analysis to assess criticality and compare to solved changes
  • Change impact analysis and identification of the right corrective modifications
  • Measure and reduce overall business/organizational impact of changes

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Project Intelligence: Optimal planning of the Go-to-Market of the product

  • Global tracking of project operations and dashboarding of their evolution
  • Ensure optimal project execution by analyzing its main issues, resource allocation, delivery timeline, etc.
  • Identify business critical operations and find the best resolution method in the enterprise knowledge
  • Align project with strategy and business operations and provide project information to all business users and executives
  • Measure and reduce overall project duration and cost

Key Features

Issue Intelligence

  • Issues diagnosis through all dimensions and related items: organization, assembly, supplier, etc.
  • Issues historization and trend analysis
  • Perform a 360-degree issue analysis with all related information and  impacts
  • Actionability with direct interaction with the authoring environment
  • Self-service widget construction on issues
  • Issues rollup on the product structure 

Project Intelligence

  • Rollup of information across multiple programs
  • Project/program/gate/tasks diagnosis through all dimensions and related items: organization, assembly, supplier, etc.
  • Schedule performance and planning health analysis
  • Actionability with direct interaction with the authoring environment
  • Resources and budget analysis
  • Self-service widget construction
  • 360-degree overview of program/project/gates, and more
  •  Risk, organization and financial resources usage analysis for optimal allocation

Change Intelligence

  • Change diagnosis through all dimensions and related/affect items: organization, assembly, supplier, etc.
  • Change resolution process diagnosis 
  • Change historization and trend analysis
  • Actionability with direct interaction with the authoring environment
  • Perform a 360-degree change analysis with all related information and impacts
  • Change rollup on the product structure 
  • Self-service widget construction


  • Multidimensional widget construction with drag & drop capabilities
  • Widget and data parameterization (filtering, dimensions)
  • Widget layout definition (color, form, font and more)
  • Collaborative dashboard construction, sharing and live update
  • Up-to-date information with security rights

KPI Intelligence

  • KPI definition (cost, weight, compliance)
  • Business target definition across a structure (product structure)
  • Information consolidation and KPI computation 
  • KPI rollup across a structure (product structure)
  • Historical analysis
  • 3D visualization of the KPIs