Leading companies worldwide rely on NETVIBES data discovery solutions to search, reveal, and manage their information assets for faster, smarter decision-making, real-time unified data access, and improved productivity.

NETVIBES solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform help customers reveal information intelligence. Today’s fast-paced, connected world generates exponential amounts of data inside and outside the enterprise, 24/7. With NETVIBES you can make sense of it all by gaining actionable insights to make informed decisions. Increase industry innovation, boost operational excellence, and improve business performance to stay ahead of the competition.

The portfolio unlocks unlimited new potential by:

-    Converting massive information flows into actionable insights: INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES
-    Transforming intuition into actionable EVIDENCE by enriching the virtual twin experience with contextualized REAL-WORLD data
-    Elevating the accumulated experiences of individuals into enterprise KNOWLEDGE CAPITALIZATION

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Exalead V6

Big Data is everywhere today: in constant streams of data flowing from networked machines, in data warehouses, in legacy apps and mainframes, and on the Web itself. Harnessing and interpreting this information can provide important business insights that will improve the customer experience. The first challenge in extracting value from Big Data is getting it into a repository where it can be exploited without impacting existing operations. The Exalead V6 product portfolio can do it all and more, including:

Powering a New Generation of Search-Based Applications

CloudView integrates seamlessly with technologies to enable clients to structure content from the inside out, bringing critical new accessibility to machine data. Among a large set of connectors that extend CloudView's Web data collection capabilities are those specialized in social media, making it easy to capture and share relevant information from sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Organizations across all industries are leveraging CloudView to overcome technical and financial hurdles to deliver operational reporting and analytics solutions that are simple to use and massively scalable at a low cost.

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Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence

For Standardization:  Thanks to machine learning, it has never been so easy to identify similar parts and compare technical information, helping complexity managers classify and identify the standard part to be reused by the design office.

For Sourcing & Purchasing:  Applying the power of automation and analytics to industrial parts enhances a company’s purchasing strategy by helping reveal major savings opportunities for next-gen design-to-value programs. Our unique 3D CAD Similarity and machine learning technologies enable cross-linking of Engineering and Purchasing data to quickly reveal similar or identical parts with different reference numbers and prices, facilitating quantity discounts and optimizing the selection of preferred suppliers.

For Designers & Engineers:  OnePart Reuse, embedded in a CAD tool, finds parts to reuse based on Standardization and Procurement preferences. Users compare legacy parts and related 2D/3D designs or documents, gaining immediate insight into hidden data.

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Put Your Company Information to Work as a Customer Engagement Machine

At NETVIBES, our goal is SIMPLE: Deliver the right information, at the right time, and in the most intuitive way possible. OneCall provides a 360° view of the customer journey, with social functions to leverage exchanges between customer representatives and consumers and recommend what they need.

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AI-Powered Text Analytics Software

Proxem delivers a combination of natural language processing and machine learning technologies to better understand supply networks, customer expectations, market trends and other important factors to facilitate business transformation.

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