Key Product Enhancements


ENOVIA powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, enables you to plan your definition of success. With a broad portfolio of technical and business applications, ENOVIA enables stakeholders across the enterprise to contribute to sustainable innovation. 

The ENOVIA powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a single, secure and up-to-date source of product data accessible anywhere —enabling true collaboration across your organization.

As a business experience platform, 3DEXPERIENCE, powers the ENOVIA technical and business applications that drive your success.

ENOVIA supports key disciplines for sustainable innovation and market success.  Product Planning and Program Management deliver “invisible governance” to facilitate real-time decision-making. Strategic Customer Relationships gathers customer needs upfront and connects them into the design process. Collaboration with strategic suppliers helps reduce supplier issues in the product development process. Quality and Compliance are the foundation for issue prevention, a key factor in any successful global product launch. IP Classification and Protection serve as the processes to secure a company’s intellectual property and manage that information properly for a global and simultaneous global product launches.  Design Management helps foster new ideas, identify issues and track actions to ensure closure for multi-CAD designs.  Bill of Materials Management allows product stakeholders to leverage and revise part and Bill of Materials across the enterprise.  And, Configuration and Change Management gives manufacturers the agility to meet rapidly changing consumer demand for personalized products.