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Collaboration & Intelligence

Connect people, ideas, data and processes across organizational functions to drive business innovation.

The ENOVIA Collaboration and Intelligence portfolio connects everyone in the value network through structured collaboration and governance to share knowledge, raise productivity, improve quality and reduce costs. The portfolio provides businesses of all sizes with a way to break down silos between departments and eliminate the patchwork of communication tools. In a single, inclusive environment, teams come together to innovate on ideas and then create the tasks and project plans to bring them to life. With everything connected in one place, stakeholders see data in context and use 360-degree views to make informed decisions and drive operational excellence. With teams working on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, everyone contributes to the innovation process from anywhere and on any device.

Key Benefits

  • Foster effective cross-team collaboration.
  • Enable teams to innovate together, from anywhere and at any time.
  • Turn ideas into tasks and projects all within a single environment.
  • Eliminate silos of operation and disparate communication tools.
  • Make better and more informed decisions.
  • Employ people-centric, flexible planning and execution.
  • Capture and maintain organizational knowledge and know-how.