CATIA V5-6R drives higher Design excellence

With this release, the benefits of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform capabilities become accessible in seamless collaboration with V5-6R.

The social collaboration, enterprise management  and dashboarding capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can be used to support processes using the V5-6R toolset.

CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA)
Enable designers and engineers to quickly, intuitively, transform a shape idea into a 3D geometric model.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

Dedicated to aesthetical shapes creation for industrial and conceptual design, CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) introduces very new concepts, breaking the traditional approach of surfaces modeling. It could be used in any domains needing quick surface creation, including rapid virtual prototyping, ideas expression and simulations. CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) combines a powerful technology, based on subdivision surfaces, and a simple use, making easy for a non surface specialist to design within a CAD system. CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) is really shaped to leverage in V5 the engineering of emotional content: ?From ideas to 3D? becomes then quick and easy for all.

Product Highlights

  • Engineers the emotional content of products
  • Enables more free form alternative design studies, less physical mock-ups
  • One solution, from styling to manufacturing
  • Puts Styling at the heart of PLM

Product Key Customer Benefits

Engineer the emotional content of products within CATIA V5

Modify the objects, improve their style and performance, create new shapes, integrate new functions but also invent the products of tomorrow, while taking into account socio-cultural trends, economic stakes and manufacture constraints: these are the challenges which fall on the lap of industrial design.

On this wide and complex area, CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) introduces a revolutionary way to design products by enabling (any) users to quickly, and simply, transform a shape idea into a 3D exact geometric model. It can be done directly in CATIA V5 without sketching or prototyping. This new approach, unique on the CAD market, leverages the engineering of the emotional content of products and fosters innovation.

A unique technology to serve product innovation with CATIA V5

The subdivision surfaces... CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) breaks the traditional approach of surface modeling by introducing a technology already intensively used in entertainment but for the first time adapted into a CAD system : the subdivision surfaces.

  • This technology enables users to define, and control, a shape through a meshing. Using this meshing, users can then easily deform the shape locally and globally.
  • The surfaces created are exacts, could be opened or closed, support sharp edges and the connections between surfaces are G2. Moreover, this technology enables the creation of surfaces compliant with any CATIA V5 applications.
  • This technology implies also very light data management, and a construction's methodology easy to understand.

Supported by a dedicated curve modeler... To support the subdivision surfaces technology, CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) introduces a powerful curve modeler based on an aesthetical approach. This new modeler provides users with a natural and intuitive way of drawing and controlling a complex curve. These curves can be created, a posteriori, in the model. The subdivision surfaces can be then controlled by curves for global deformation. The internal connections between curves are G3.

Handled in a new user interface...
CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) offers also a brand new efficient user interface, speeding workflow for experienced users and accelerating learning curve for new users.

Using CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) you can :

  • From an idea, directly shape high quality surfaces,
  • Drive/refine surfaces through curves,
  • Provides for all an easy access to styling.

More free form alternative design studies, fewer physical mock-ups

From a designers' perspective, the main reason for the physical mock-up is to look at different design shapes and obtain approval. Because this is an expensive task, the designer is limited to the amount of different designs he can review. Using CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA), designers can create very quickly many different digital design shapes, review the different options, evaluate the better ones, in conjunction with the CATIA rendering products (RTR for dynamic review, PHS for realistic pictures), and then take the decision to make a mock-up.

Using CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) you can :

  • Explore more styling ideas, quicker,
  • Reduce the number of physical mock-ups by selecting only the relevant ones,
  • Create innovating products easier.

Start from scratch or leverage your knowledge

Using CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA), users can start to shape a new idea from nothing, or from sketches, and then directly continue in detailed design stage or refine before the shape in others V5 applications, including CATIA ? Freestyle Shaper 2 (FSS) and CATIA - Generative Shape Design 2 (GSD). In another field, CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) benefits also from the ability to create quickly templates through the V5 knowledgeware capabilities. The user can then start from a pre-shaped product and define a family of parts for instance.

Using CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA), in conjunction with V5 Styling and Knowledge portfolios, you can:

  • Benefit from a complete and flexible V5 styling solution,
  • Accelerate new products development by leveraging your knowledge capitalization.

One solution from styling to manufacturing

As a V5 product, CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) is natively integrated with all the others V5 applications, from style surface engineering to manufacturing. Integrated implies : firstly, there is no need of data conversions between the styling and the engineering design departments during the required modification loops. Secondly, the native integration supports a full assossiativity between the styling and all the downstream V5 applications, meaning that a styling modification can be quickly propagated.

Using CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA), in conjunction with V5 portfolio, you can :

  • Leverage the collaboration between different teams, and especially between designers and engineers,
  • Accelerate the early stages of the design process by iterating sooner, quicker and more often on high quality style definition,
  • Ensure a fast and right propagation of the style modifications to the engineering team : replace, or modify, doesn't mean any more redo !

Put styling at the heart of the V5 PLM

The CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) users benefit naturally from the overall PLM Solution provided by Dassault Systemes including ENOVIA V5 and SMARTEAM for data and product lifecycle management. This unique referential leverages collaborative work giving access to advanced PLM practices such as concurrent engineering and change management.