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CATIA - Sheetmetal Production 1 (SH1)
Addresses the manufacturing preparation for sheet metal parts
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CATIA-Sheetmetal Production 1 (SH1) is a P1 product which covers the manufacturing preparation for sheet metal parts. It allows the recognition of a 3D solid part as a sheet metal part, and the transformation of its 3D functional folded shape in its unfolded manufacturable representation. Including tools for manufacturability checks (like checking overlapping, checking feature fold/unfold visibility), bending wizard, one can export this new sheet metal part in a standard format. In combination with the sheet metal design products, it provides a solution that covers the design to manufacturing process, empowering the communication between OEM and subcontractors.

SH1 is a new-generation CATIA product addressing the manufacturing preparation for sheetmetal parts. In combination with SMD, it provides a solution that covers the design to manufacturing process of sheetmetal parts.

SH1 empowers the communication between OEM and sheetmetal manufacturing subcontractors by allowing the transformation of the 3D folded functional shape of the part in its unfolded manufacturable representation.

Moreover, it includes the tools needed for manufacturability checking. Finally, it hosts the interface to external sheetmetal manufacturing softwares.

Thus, SH1 specially fits the needs of manufacturing design department and sheetmetal manufacturing subcontractors.

Product Highlights

  • Provides dedicated features for sheet metal manufacturing preparation
  • Transforms functional shape of a part into a manufacturable sheet metal part in order to support OEM/subcontractor sheet metal manufacturing process
  • Offers manufacturing feasibility checks
  • Provides a simple interface to external sheet metal manufacturing software
  • Highly productive and industry-oriented with Windows native User Interface for short training cycles

Product Key Customer Benefits

Dedicated features for sheetmetal manufacturing preparation

User can automatically create an unfolded representation of the 3D sheetmetal part, with lines and circles through DXF or through IDLs interfaces. This flat geometry can then be submitted to subcontractor for punch and nibbling programming, empowering the communication between OEM and sheet metal manufacturing subcontractors.

Transforms functional shape into sheetmetal

CATIA functional shapes of a part, like solids are easily transformed to sheetmetal features including walls, bends and cut-out recognition. A "Bending Wizard" helps defining, automatically, a detailed definition of the folding operations and folding feasibility analysis is provided in order to shorten the cycle time of manufacturing design.

Manufacturing feasibility checks for sheetmetal parts

Designer benefit from a self-overlapping checking system in order to avoid impossibility of manufacturing a part.

Single step interface to external sheetmetal manufacturing softwares

IDLs (programming interface) for OLE interface is provided within the product.

Productive and intuitive industry oriented Windows native User Interface for short training cycles

Icon based, flexible and scalable approach, from beginners & casual users using pull down menus and panels, to advanced users using contextual menus, keyboard shortcuts. Preview and direct mouse-based manipulations and specification during feature creation, modification and drag and drop. Full support of Windows user interface standards such as pull down menus, messaging, on-line help, select-action approach, multi-windowing, icon docking reorganization. Dynamic users interface including fast mouse-based 3D graphical manipulations and a copilot concept allowing the contextual pre-selection (by means of highlight) of allowed graphical entities. Contextual HTML documentation browser.

CATIA Sheetmetal Production 1 (SH1) product can be ordered as an add-on product to a configuration. For more details refer to CATIA V5R6 Product Portfolio.