CATIA V5-6R drives higher Design excellence

With this release, the benefits of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform capabilities become accessible in seamless collaboration with V5-6R.

The social collaboration, enterprise management  and dashboarding capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can be used to support processes using the V5-6R toolset.

CATIA - Functional Molded Parts 2 (FMP)
Leverage functional modelling approach to parts and mold tooling definitions.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CATIA - Functional Molded Parts 2 (FMP) is a new generation product for designing cast, molded and forged parts and related tooling with unmatched productivity and flexibility. Its history-free functional design approach for defining the complete functional specification for both parts and their associated tooling makes FMP a breakthrough product for reducing the design-to-manufacturing cycle.

Building on the foundation of functional part definition, it accelerates the time-to-market by intelligently understanding the geometrical and tooling definition from a designer's functional concept. By taking advantage of the unique CATIA V5 geometrical modeler and the process coverage of complementary CATIA products, companies can realize significant efficiency savings. Freeing the designer from the constraints of history-based design, the order in which features are created has no impact on the design itself.

Product Highlights

  • Enables designers to concentrate on what they want to model and not how to model it
  • Gives molded part designer flexibility and productivity thanks to functional modeling approach
  • Provides a collection of process-specific functional features dedicated to concurrently design both the product and associated tooling for molded and plastic parts
  • Provides a design to manufacturing process coverage due to integration with CATIA V5 applications
  • Provides significant productivity gains as well as all the benefits of being fully integrated in the CATIA V5 product design solution
  • Demonstrates the power and the flexibility of the V5 architecture

Product Key Customer Benefits

Provides a collection of industry-specific functional features... CATIA - Functional Molded Parts 2 (FMP) is focused on providing a flexible and productive 3D modeling package dedicated to the design of molded and plastic parts. This advanced application provides concurrent design both the product and associated tooling for molded and plastic parts : access to a collection of advanced functional features such functional features that are the most useful for designing molded parts. These are, for instance, core and cavity design functional feature that are daily used: Extrude, Revolve, Cut, Thicken surface, Rib, Boss, Cutout, Rest, Pocket, Grill, Reinforcement, Shell.

A New Level of Usability... Design flexibility makes it easier to capture design intent.
  • Behavior-driven Design - Intelligent features that encapsulate industry-specific behaviors give users the freedom to focus on WHAT to design rather than HOW to design it. The design team's capacity for innovation is significantly improved. this is enhanced to manage not just design but tolling as well. The benefit is dramatically reduced Time To Market and enhanced quality
  • Order Independence - Users have the flexibility to focus on their design intent and not on the order in which they create design elements.
  • Effective Change Propagation - The built-in associative intelligence of functional bodies, volumes, and features ensures that design changes can be made quickly and safely at any time during the product's life cycle. This approach greatly facilitates concurrent engineering because Designer B can work on a functional part without any consideration of the way it was previously modeled by Designer A.
  • Removes the need for the tooling designer to add/ modify design features to incorporate the tooling specification
  • Extended relational design capability delivered through the unique V5 P2 publication tools

Process Coverage through CATIA V5 Integration... Total integration with the CATIA V5 portfolio of applications ensures end-to-end process coverage. This level of integration provides molded part designers with a comprehensive solution to cover the design to manufacturing plastic part creation process, from preliminary to detailed design. It can be used with such powerful products as its prerequisite CATIA - Part Design 2 product for 3D design in assembly contexts and with CATIA - Generative Shape Design for creating specification-driven shapes, such as complex sweeps and fillets. Drafting tools, such as CATIA - Interactive Drafting and CATIA - Generative Drafting, are highly recommended to extend the product's drawing production capabilities.