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CATIA - Compartment & Access 2 (CNA)
Provide the capability to define compartments and compartment accesses and (optionally) enrich structural designs defined in Structure Design.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CATIA - Compartment and Access 2 (CNA) is dedicated to the definition of compartment and access objects within a ship design. This product is the primary input design for the compartment and access operations.
CATIA - Compartment and Access 2 (CNA) workbench provides the user with the ability to define wall systems/non-structural bulkheads within their design. From these wall systems, the user can generate extensive compartment definitions including compartment boundary definitions. In addition, the user may place access objects such as closures, stairs or ladders within their design. The compartment and access objects includes both a geometric representation and a technological representation (type and attributes) of the object. This allows both geometry and technological query and analysis on compartment and access related objects.
As part of the design process, the user may also define and generate reports based on any compartment and access objects and use the standard CATIA V5 Drafting tools to generate detailed drawings.
The integration with CATIA V5 applications gives user the benefit of a comprehensive solution for the complete Compartment design process. The compartment definitions are defined as part of the conceptual design of the ship and may be used by downstream design processes to help define and organize further refinement of the design. This integration gives the user a powerful set of tools to help contribute to the overall ship design process.

Product Highlights

  • Defines wall systems within a deck
  • Defines compartments and boundary surfaces within a ship
  • Places access objects such as doors, windows, stairs,
  • Defines Compartment used to organize downstream system design processes
  • Provides Drawing and Report generation capabilities

Product Key Customer Benefits

Define wall systems within a deck ...Collection of wall geometry is available to define walls within an area of a ship. Derived from sketch on deck, wall systems are bounded by decks or molded forms. Associative with hull surface and structural bulkheads, CATIA - Compartment and Access 2 (CNA) gives user the ability to generate multiple wall surfaces very quickly and easily their design.
Define compartments and their boundary surfaces within a ship ...Geometric and technological representation of compartment including type and attributes. The compartment objects are generated directly from the wall system objects. All compartments associated with a wall system are generated in one step and the user is provided with a compartment preview before generation. When the compartments are generated, a geometric solid representation is created for each compartment. This methodology gives the user a highly productive tool to quickly and easily generate multiple compartment definitions. The user can also define and modify the type of each compartment individually. In addition, intelligent boundary objects are also automatically created for each wall surface of a compartment definition.
Place access objects such as doors, windows, stairs User can place access parts within the design. This includes closure objects such as doors, windows, and hatches as well as ladder related objects such as stairs, vertical ladders and hand grabs. Theses closures parts are placed on structure objects, wall system, or compartment surfaces. Helped by a Catalog driven placement for all access objects, it is easy for users to perform placement and positioning tasks. Access objects can be placed on any planar structure objects, wall system, or compartment. The V5 CATIA Compass and other specific tools can be used to help positioning. Access objects are fully associated with associated structures.
Define Compartment used to organize downstream system design processes ... Tight integration with all CATIA V5 applications for end-to-end compartment creation and management. Compartment objects created with CATIA - Compartment and Access 2 (CNA) can be used in downstream process to assist in the management of systems design. Ship designers can to take advantage of CATIA - Compartment and Access 2 (CNA) to integrate their equipments and systems objects within a highly productive and intuitive design environment. PRM (Project Resource Management) is totally integrated into CATIA - Compartment and Access 2 (CNA) providing user with smart and collaborative management of the entire ship project. Native integration of CATIA V5 Knowledgeware guarantees data integrity and standards and rules compliance.
Provide Drawing and Report generation capabilities ... Standard V5 drafting tools are integrated and drawing is fully associative with 3D model. User can define generative view style to predefine parameters (e.g., which graphic representation to use) to assist in drawing generation. For drawing dress up, user can employ all the standard CATIA V5 drafting capabilities as well as text templates to assist drawing annotation. The User can also define and generate reports for compartment and access related objects. Report definition includes explicit query mechanism and reporting of all geometric and technological attributes. Output reports can be generated in text, html, xml or Excel formats.