Plug-Ins and Features


Reqtify Standard (RQS)
RQS is the Reqtify base foundation. It already comes with a package of connectors, such as for Microsoft Office, PDF, DOORS or the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It also contains base functionalities, such as a customizable Report Generator, Rule Engine, Scripting API, command line interface (Continuous Integration) or Change Tracking support

Reqtify Developer Connectors (RQD)
RQD provides a package of connectors for different modeling- and simulation tools, such as Cameo Systems Modeler, Rhapsody, Enterprise Architect or Matlab/Simulink.

Reqtify Test Connectors (RQT)
RQT provides a package of connectors for different test tools, such as TESSY, TestLink or TPT

WORD/PDF Tagger Plugin (RQG)
RQG allows the capturing of unstructured docuements based on the PDF- and WORD-format

Reviewer Plugin (RQV)
RQV supports the reviewing process thru definition and import of check lists, multi-user review management, access control and review monitoring.

ReqIf PlugIn (RQR)
RQR allows the im- and export of requirements based on the standardized ReqIf format.

Qualification Kit (RQK)
RQK supports tool qualification according to safetey standards such as ISO 26262, DO-178C, DO-330, IEC 61508 or EN 50128.

Composite Project PlugIn (RCP)
RCP provides a number of advanced functionalities:

Collaborative Project Management PlugIn (CPM)
CPM supports collaborative working between distributed teams such as an OEM-partner relation. It also comes with an user- and access-management

    - Variant Management
    Reqtify also provides a Variant Management feature giving the ability to manage different product line and organize requirements and     documents per product configuration with powerfully filtering capabilities.

    - Feature Management
    Reqtify includes a Feature Management view allowing users to create product/project release plans to align market expectation with real     features quality

    - Suspicious Link Management
    The Suspicious Link Management supports the change tracking of traceability data.

    - Notifications PlugIn
    The Notification PlugIn allows setting-up project team notifications based on an email-alias, which will be triggered by project changes thru     project team members

    - Discussions PlugIn
    The Discussion PlugIn allows setting-up chats between project team members, based on traceable elements. These chats, which e.g. lead     to a decision can be archived to document decision process.

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