Teamwork Cloud


Teamwork Cloud is CATIA No Magic's model repository, providing a powerful collaborative environment for system engineers practicing MBSE. It is designed to support daily model governance activities with core features in the areas of model versioning, configuration management, model analysis, and access control. In Teamwork Cloud we see openness as a foundational feature in the MBSE ecosystem; thus, we provide standards-based APIs for integrations with third-party tools. As the name suggests, this product is Cloud-ready, and can be deployed on local hardware (VM) or any of the cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, etc.).

Teamwork Cloud provides a central repository for storing any type of Cameo and MagicDraw models, so that team members can read and modify the same model or even the same diagram at the same time. Changes made to the model can be reviewed at element-level granularity at any time. Moreover, comprehensive model version comparison utilities are available to provide detailed insights into how the model has evolved over time.

The application of configuration management is inevitable when modeling complex systems. Teamwork Cloud comes packed with dedicated features including model branching, merging, versioning, and version comparison, to enable concurrent/parallel development between modeling teams and controlled review and incorporation into the main baseline upon approval.

Administering distributed systems can be challenging, so we have built a convenient web-based, mobile-friendly administrative interface. This provides a single way to configure and manage the Teamwork Cloud repository, including user accounts, projects, RBAC settings, LDAP integration, and more. In addition to this, web-based tooling enables model decomposition tracking and dependency analysis within highly interconnected models.

Teamwork Cloud is designed from the ground up to support working with large models. The efficient delta-based protocol is used when users commit and retrieve updates to the model, saving time for users who access the repository through poor network connections. As the amount of data that is transmitted depends only on the size of a change being made, users who work on common models will find collaboration with other team members easy and efficient. Teamwork Cloud can be expanded to a cluster setup, effectively maintaining the same end-user experience even when under high load.

Teamwork Cloud provides a REST API service that enables querying and manipulating data stored in the server. The server can also act as an OSLC provider, which allows exposing model element data according to OSLC Architecture Management vocabulary. This enables smooth integration with other OSLC-compatible tools by linking resources in Linked Data fashion.


Teamwork Cloud is a central repository for storing Cameo and MagicDraw models. It is designed as a modeling platform for working with large models and includes a number of features for accelerating team collaboration.

Using Teamwork Cloud, team members can access and modify the same model or even the same diagram in parallel. The product supports data & change management, seamless project collaboration, and scalable performance.

Server and projects configurations can be managed and reviewed through the Web Admin, which allows administrating projects with minimal technical knowledge and effort.


Accelerate Team Collaboration

Central Repository

All data is stored in a modern repository and provides a clear insight into model availability and visibility. Share your projects with your colleagues and work on them together.

Data & Change Management

Teamwork Cloud provides state-of-the-art version control for your model artifacts at the element level. It allows teams to review any changes occurring in the model and update it accordingly, as well as review and resolve any possible conflicts that may occur during the collaborative modeling process.

Managed Projects & Collaboration

Teamwork Cloud supports teams doing distributed, collaborative modeling and has many powerful features such as simultaneous commits, updates, and element locking policies to avoid modeling conflicts. Every user may instantly obtain the newest version of the model.
Get designs done faster with an intuitive collaboration capabilities!

Track & Review Changes

Tracking changes and reviewing them visually is easy for every project element. Different views can highlight changes made to an element, to a diagram, or to the selected scope. It also provides advanced reporting to maintain change records, as well as review the history of every individual element to analyze how the model progresses.
Since all data is related as a large traceable map, Teamwork Cloud can track specific element changes and highlight customized suspects.

Project decomposition

We provide various tools that allow you to easily decompose your project into smaller parts and keep track of each one. You can review usages in a convenient resource usages map, execute an impact analysis for a newly-used project version and decide whether those changes are sufficient for your primary project. Additionally, you can execute a global element usage search to easily find where your element is used in other projects.

Available Offline

The project can now be modified without having a connection to the server: make the project Available Offline and you will have access to the data anywhere. All changes can be saved to the server with a single click once you are back online.

Disconnected Team Collaboration

Are you working with contractors who cannot access your network? Not a problem! Teamwork Cloud enables you to save your projects to a local file that can be shared with contractors, suppliers, or other third parties. Once you receive the modified project, you can easily update your original project with the changes from the local file.

Scalability and high availability

Millions of elements? No problem. Teamwork Cloud uses an efficient delta-based protocol; thus, large projects or slow networks will not result in poor performance. You can also transform the server into a cluster to distribute the load and increase availability if one node of the Teamwork Cloud fails.

Administer Remotely

All configurations of Teamwork Cloud can be managed through the web administrative site, which lets granted user administrate server, users and projects with minimal technical knowledge and effort. You can:

  • Configure server communication security (SSL) and user authentication
  • Manage users and access rights
  • Manage projects and categories, release locked elements

Keep Your Data Protected

Teamwork Cloud comes with a full set of security capabilities, guaranteeing secure communication and protection of your confidential data, ensuring that any data is kept in the correct place with access granted only to the correct people.

User Authentication
You can choose to use built-in, LDAP, PKI/CAC, or SAML-based authentication.

Secured Connection
Teamwork Cloud supports secure socket layer (SSL) connections. This ensures your data remains secure as it is transmitted between clients and the server.

Access Control
Teamwork Cloud supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to protect access to your data. Additionally, branch-level or package-level permissions can be used to protect data at a granular level.

Password Protection
You can make projects even more private by setting password protection for the project. This will require both knowing a password and having sufficient access rights to open and modify the project.

Access Reports
Want to know how users can access your projects and when permission was granted? This can be achieved by generating access audit reports for every server project.

Integrations, Extensions and Automations Made Easy

Teamwork Cloud supports multiple interfaces for accessing its data, extending its capabilities by creating plugins, performing integrations with external systems, or accessing data for analysis purposes.

Client API

Teamwork Cloud has a Java-based Client API for accessing its data for native applications.


Teamwork Cloud also provides REST API for writing web plugins, which extends Teamwork Cloud functionality by installing your applications into the Teamwork Cloud environment.

Command Line Interface

For various automation purposes, Teamwork Cloud supports Command Line Interface (CLI). This allows automating regular security, audit, or other procedures.

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC)

Teamwork Cloud continues to introduce more ways for integrations with other tools using OSLC.

Web Collaboration

Teamwork Cloud functionality can be extended by installing Cameo Collaborator, a web-based product designed to present models in a simplified form for stakeholders, sponsors, customers, and engineering teams. The product makes it easy for users to comment and review or even edit models in a transparent, collaborative environment, keeping the entire project team up to date with any changes made to the model.













Single-node server

Single-node server

Single node server
can be expanded to Cassandra Cluster


Data Replication





High Availability