Virtual Comissioning


ControlBuild helps to perform test, validation and qualification/commissioning activities by providing a Real-Time Plant Simulation connected to PLC/DCS controllers and SCADA monitoring systems

ControlBuild includes several features allowing to:

  • Model manufacturing lines, power plants and process units by using various & dedicated libraries:
  • Handling: conveyors, translators, axis, lifts, detectors, robots… and products,
  • Electric: cabinet, power distribution, protection, safety control,
  • Fluidic/pneumatic: process with valves, pumps, tanks, transmitters, sensors, distillers ….
  • Create your own libraries of discrete/dynamic components (actuators & sensors)
  • Connect most of the PLC/DCS of the market with a set of configurable communication modules (serial, fieldbus, network and physical IO.

Use of ControlBuild during Virtual Commissioning make detection of faults/issues earlier, reduce cost and shorter time during On-Site Commissioning.

Virtual Commissioning allows tester teams to get concrete results before the availability of physical machines/lines.

With a realistic ControlBuild plant model test engineers can trick PLCs and SCADA into thinking they are connected to a real manufacturing line or process unit.

Control System Changes are managed and simulated with ControlBuild, resulting in reduced costs associated with plant ‘down-time’ due to faster implementation of updated control systems.

Virtual Twin allows engineers to run test procedures that are too costly or potentially destructive with physical plants.

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