Test Benches


 Modern products have an ever-increasing level of sophistication that relies on embedded electronic equipment, automated systems and communication networks. System builders, operators and their suppliers need to develop and deliver high-quality services and control & monitoring systems while meeting increasingly stringent certification constraints.

ControlBuild helps to perform test and validation activities or demonstration for qualification and certification by providing Real-Time System Testers connected to Physical & Real-Time Controllers (the system under test) and Embedded Monitoring Systems

ControlBuild provides editors and features for the development of test benches:

    • Model (virtually) the behavior of controlled sub-systems like traction/brake/door/air conditioning... and the software of unavailable controllers,
    • Define Hardware Architectures and Real-Time Targets (from HIL Manufacturers), allocate the models onto Simulation Targets, define/import communication matrixes and Physical IO with the Systems Under Tests,
    • Deploy the simulators on the real-time targets and allows them to monitor the tests (manually or automatically using pre-defined test procedures linked with test requirements).

Use of ControlBuild as Virtual Test Bench and after Physical Test Bench make detection of faults/issues earlier, reduce cost (no needs for engineer, testers, safety guys or physically present) on the real product,

and shorter time during Physical Integration and Qualification at System Level.

(SIL) Software In the Loop and (HIL) Hardware In the Loop allows tester & qualification teams to get concrete results before the availability of physical sub-systems and controllers.

Virtual Twin allows engineers to run test procedures that are too costly or potentially destructive with physical sub-systems and the final product (train, aircraft, smart device).

ControlBuild allows increasing the number of test procedures: launch multiple parallel simulations entirely in the virtual world (which makes it necessary to respect certain constraints such as representativeness and reproducibility of behavior, respect for performance in real-time)

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