Design software for railway


ControlBuild is a comprehensive fully integrated tool suite dedicated to the design and validation of Real-Time Embedded Systems especially in Railway but also for other industries.

ControlBuild is compliant with the EN-50128 Railway Safety Development Standard

ControlBuild provides editors and features for supporting all activities of the control systems safety development process:

    • Model (virtually) the software (the breakdown structure first and then the behavior) to validate functional specifications of the control system (sub-systems like traction/brake/door/air conditioning..., train control, signalling) with both customers, partners and suppliers,
    • Define Hardware Architectures and Controllers (Safety Real-Time Target), allocate software models onto selected controllers, define data exchanges on communication networks, serial links and IO cards,
    • Generate code for the Real-Time Targets and/or generate Detailed Specifications & Interface Documents for sub-system suppliers,
    • Simulate and validate the system distribution for each configuration (e.g. software behavior, traffic on the network, etc.),
    • Reuse models and test patterns to create HIL test environments, operator training systems or maintenance tools.

ControlBuild allows designers to automate their development process in compliance with the railway (EN-50128) or industry safety standards.

ControlBuild ensures that the generated software is independent of the hardware: No constraints are induced by the network architecture or the choice hardware provider. 

As a reference of the Train System, ControlBuild provides a Virtual Twin which is composed of both the Control System and Equipment / Sub-Systems. This means that end-users can manage the life of their product: interfaces and interoperability; maintenance of the system and its equipment; simulation of incidents for understanding; evaluation of change impacts...

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