Modern products have ever increasing level of sophistication that relies on embedded electronic equipment, automated systems and communication networks. The Control & Monitoring system represents more than 30% of the total cost of the delivered system in Trains and Railways, Automotive, Energy and many other industries (Life Sciences, Water Treatment, Industrial Equipment, Food & Beverage, etc.). These new systems will offer a number of functionalities and high-quality services while meeting increasingly stringent certification constraints.

Design and validate the control software for both Industrial Automation Plants (PLC and DCS based controllers) and Real-Time Embedded Systems (i.e. Railway Control & Monitoring systems).

ControlBuild is an innovative environment for designing and validating distributed control and monitoring systems.

Based on a model-driven approach and supported by structured sets of libraries, ControlBuild is used to model, simulate, test, validate, and deploy IEC 61131-3 control applications with higher levels of efficiency.

ControlBuild meets the need of creating distributed automation to control and monitor trains, ships, devices, power plants, process units and manufacturing lines. 

ControlBuild is compliant with industry IEC-61508 and EN-50128 safety development standards.

  • Game changer: Development tool dedicated to design and integration tests:

    • Model/Prototype the software specifications
    • Allows to create the software breakdown structure and design the behavior of the functions
    • Define the hardware architecture, map control functions on PLC/ECU and allocate interfaces on IO cards and Networks
    • Generate source code for major PLC/DCS or RT controllers (including safety-certified software for railway)
    • Generate Software Design Specification & ICD for suppliers
    • Reuse models and test patterns for VC (Virtual Commissioning), FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests), HIL (Hardware In the Loop) and (OTS) Operator Training Systems




Customer Values:

  • Higher efficient control & monitoring systems lead customers to increasingly stringent production constraints
  • Improve the performance of the control architecture at equipment, sub-system up to system level
  • Reduce time to market (50%) and cost dedicated to on-site tests and commissioning (divided by 3)

 Business challenges:

  • Understand and validate functional and software specifications (function, operation and safety) earlier in the project
  • Cover the whole development cycle through a comprehensive toolchain for Automation Engineers


Support the integration of different PLCs and controllers from multiple hardware providers.



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