CATIA Composer

CATIA Composer R2018

CATIA Composer is a technical communication software that lets you clearly explain products using existing 3D CAD data. New enhancements in CATIA Composer R2018 include:

Label Orientation and Label Position for Measurements

The newly added Label section in the Properties pane have two new properties, Label orientation and Label position for more control and flexibility.



Right Manager for Digger

Avoid unexpected changes in your digger display and have more control over over your user experience.

Padding for Measurement Values

With “Label orientation = Auto” and “Shape = None”, the application adds padding spaces around the dimension text. 

Support of Favorite Context of 3DXML

When importing 3DXML files that contain 3D Tolerancing & Annotation captures, favorite context is now supported and the visibility of geometrical elements is properly managed.

Support of CATIA V5-6 R2017 (R27)

Support of Pro/E Creo 3.0

Other recent release features

Mirror Animation 

With one click, you can create a reverse animation while bringing the flashing effects to the start of the block of the animation sequence, including the Translate and Scale motions.

Animation Library

Provides a preset of customizable animations to the user through a new workshop panel. The user can use and edit the set of animations provided by default or create Their own. 

CGM Outputs and Hotspots for S1000D 4.x

Customize hotspot properties to be compliant with the S1000D 4.x standard in CGM outputs and in XML companion files.

Meta Data Value for Tree Node Display

With the Overload assembly tree names option, you can use meta property values, rather than, actor names, for the assembly tree node display.

Clear Colors Inherited from Parent Nodes 

Provides an option to choose a part color inherited from its parent

Multi-Level timeline

The user is able to create a complex animation in a snap and manage simply by creating and dragging blocks in the timeline.


A new indicator, the Milestone, allows the user defining one or several specific frames of the animation. They could be used to automatically generate images representative of the animation.

3D Tool Library

New set of tools. Each tool is configurable and comes with a set of predefined intelligent views.  these tools save time and provides clearer instructions.

New CATIA Composer Player Plug-in.

A composer experience can now be played on any browser supporting the NPAPI technology.