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AUTOSAR Builder 2023x is the latest released version. It can be downloaded the PDF of the enhancements in the Download section to the right.

It has been released in Nov, 2022.

AUTOSAR Classic supported versions
Up to R21-11

AUTOSAR Adaptive supported versions
Up to R21-11




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AB Fundamentals

New features and enhancements in AUTOSAR Builder Fundamentals:

  • Variable access naming Convention 4x: 
    • You can now select how the name of variable is displayed in tree and in few other places in the user interface. A new preference option Variable access shortname, lets you change the naming convention to variable short name.
  • Ignoring Timestamps:
    • You can now choose to ignore timestamps of the AUTOSAR elements being compared. A new Ignore timestamp checkbox under AB Compare preferences lets you ignore the timestamps of the AUTOSAR elements at the time of their comparison.
  • Generate Software Architecture from an ECU Instance:
    • You can now generate a software architecture from an ECU instance. This capability is will be mainly helpful after importing dbc or other equivalent files
  • Validation Rules- Constraints:
    • The support for 21-11 MM (ARTOP 50), has also added some AB rules corresponding to new AUTOSAR constraints.



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