Authoring for AUTOSAR Classic & Adaptive


AUTOSAR Builder covers all the domains of AUTOSAR development.

For the Classic Platform, it consists of application software development, system design, Basic Software configuration and the system integration.

While in the Adaptive Platform, it consists of the machine manifest definition, ECU integration and the system description.

Each of these activities can be performed in an easy and reliable manner using AUTOSAR Builder.


AUTOSAR Builder is 100% AUTOSAR standard-compliant. To ease the creation of complex AUTOSAR models, it offers user friendly wizards and advanced graphical and table-based editors, guiding the user thru typical AUTOSAR design steps. Therefore it hides the complexity of AUTOSAR design activity through features which not only prevent the user from creating erroneous designs but also by offering automated completion/creation of AUTOSAR design elements. 

AUTOSAR Builder provides a powerful validation engine, helping the user identifying and solving design and configuration issues.

The image below shows the configured system containing the ECU topology, the ECU mapping and the system signal mapping. 


New technologies such as related to Autonomous driving or Car-to-x communication inevitably demand significantly more computing power that overwhelms the scope of Classic platform. Therefore, AUTOSAR Adaptive has been created, which is a powerful ETHERNET based embedded Platform providing high-performance computing and communication mechanisms that offer flexible software configuration.

AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform will not replace AUTOSAR Classic Platform. It will rather be complementary and interact with it to form an integrated system.

AUTOSAR Builder does support Adaptive AUTOSAR with its latest version. Enriched with modelling editors and wizards, consistency checks and code generators AUTOSAR Builder supports the different design steps of developing an Adaptive AUTOSAR ECU.

One of the key features of AUTOSAR Builder is a new diagram supporting both AUTOSAR Adaptive and AUTOSAR Classic, which provides a convenient way to visualize mappings between various components of a system of both platforms.

The figure below shows an ECU topology, the mapped software and the communication matrix for an integrated Adaptive and Classic AUTOSAR distributed embedded System. On the left it is seen the classic part and on the right the adaptive part.

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