A 3D Approach to Portfolio and Master Data Management

Partner with 3DEXCITE Commercial Experience Governance experts to reveal the value of the Virtual Twin. Capitalize on all the virtues of product data and take a comprehensive approach to portfolio management; ensure that the right people have access to product-correct content.

Commercial Twin Creation

We have the best product specialists in the world. Using powerful software, they create the most accurate product representation(s) for your end customer. Partner with them to reveal the value of the Virtual Twin for commerce, configured with market-specific variants, enriched with soft parts, polished with realistic materials, and animated with authentic functionality.

Portfolio Management

Our product experts curate your Virtual Twin collection to perfectly present the full product line-up to customers, and your commercial ecosystem. We specialize in managing extremely complex, and rapidly evolving portfolio configurations.

Accelerate savings and efficiencies in production workflows. Optimize time-to-market with fewer mistakes and internal cycling. We pipeline approvals, access-rights and manage close-loop control of the data. Rely on solid release management, validation processes, access rights management, and distribution to final touchpoint.