Unlock the Virtual Twin for Commercial Scenarios

You author your commercial transformation, and we illustrate it.

Business transformation means something different to everyone. In manufacturing, it typically encompasses a leaner production lifecycle, more sustainability, and embracing customer centricity. Our clients define what business transformation means to them, we're premium partners who make transformative visions come to life.

The 3DEXCITE Service portfolio complements our software portfolio and is the gateway to significant innovation. We offer consulting, enablement, production, management, and more. Learn more about our portfolio, and welcome to our world.



Our Commercial Experience Governance teams accelerate all go-to-market activities starting from product design using the 3DEXPERIENCE Virtual Twin for commercial scenarios.

Managing and life-cycling all product media alongside the commercial product portfolio, our experts ensure accurate go-to-market communication(s) and media. We provide controlled yet convenient access for experience ecosystems enabled by a holistic product model.

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Our Commercial Content Creation teams democratize asset production, leveraging years of experience working with and creating optimized Virtual Twins. They help you launch early and accurately with scalability regardless of portfolio size or communication channels.

Democratized content creation activates and empowers local marketing organizations, agencies, social media teams, and partners to be agile with the right content for every need and given audience.



Commercial Experience Building teams seamlessly create 3D engagements and bring next-level experiences to life based on the Virtual Twin.

You benefit from accurate, immersive engagements representing your product in connected experiences. Let us manage configuration options, behaviors, and animations to authentically communicate every unique selling point. Increase engagement and customer understanding using 3D as a universal language in Virtual Worlds.



Get your team ready to innovate, and change the world. We’re gonna help you very step of the way to make the most of our offering. Let us make your people and ecosystems the best they can be. Our consulting teams deliver expertise thru proven and highly structured programs.



When [[nothing less than]] the highest grade of visual excellence and striking storytelling is desired for high-end marketing assets - the FLAVOR3D department offers tailored content production services and out-of-the-box creative consulting based on the strong 3DEXCITE foundation.