Digital continuity for marketing campaigns across all media channels.

Consumers no longer interact with brands and obtain information about products in a linear fashion – but can move from one point to another along their journey as they please. Technology moves fast and marketing needs to move faster.

Retail stores are less relevant in the buying process but still have a part to play in delivering a cohesive brand story.

3DEXCITE provides digital continuity and seamless experiences to connect the brand to the public at every touchpoint, whether it be online, through mobile devices or in-store. The brand story is clear, the product experience is personal, and the entire process produces valuable data that can be leveraged intelligently in future campaigns.


Enhanced Customer Journey

3DEXCITE enables brands to increase their sales by utilizing highly individualized, channel-independent marketing materials in a cost effective way.
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Premium Content Pipeline

3DEXCITE provides a sophisticated content pipeline that provides scalable, multifunctional assets across every marketing channel – as a service.
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Product Configuration

3DEXCITE configurators put an entire product line at the consumer’s fingertips. Because they’re based on the product master model, the digital representations are lifelike. 
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FLAVOR3D is the creative sub-brand of 3DEXCITE which brings you the latest, coolest and most daring CGI for high-end marketing productions.
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