Digital continuity for marketing campaigns across all media channels.

Consumers no longer interact with brands and obtain information about products in a linear fashion – but can move from one point to another along their journey as they please. Technology moves fast and marketing needs to move faster.

Retail stores are less relevant in the buying process but still have a part to play in delivering a cohesive brand story.

3DEXCITE provides digital continuity and seamless experiences to connect the brand to the public at every touchpoint, whether it be online, through mobile devices or in-store. The brand story is clear, the product experience is personal, and the entire process produces valuable data that can be leveraged intelligently in future campaigns.


3DEXPERIENCE: Mass Content Creation

Create media assets which allow consumers to interact with your products as ingredients for interactive experiences. Connect consumers to products through compelling digital content, produced at an industrial scale.
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3DEXPERIENCE: Instant 3D Communication

Now, everyone is a marketer and can create interactive experiences with endless scalability on the cloud. Web-based storyboarding and authoring makes it easy to tell a compelling product story.
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You already create stunning movies, images, and traditional marketing content. But with STAGE, users can do something no other CGI software supports. Create 2D and 2.5D logical layers, automatically, for use in online configurators.
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3DEXPERIENCE: Commercial Twin Creation

Enrich & provide the commercial aspects of the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin as the single-source-of-truth for product communication.Everyone can access the same model, and work together in a secure, connected environment. 
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HUB offers the seamless enrichment of CAD data with complex logic for Marketing & Sales experiences. We provide a lossless handover of the model to your favorite game-engine, or CGI pipeline. 
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3DEXPERIENCE: Product Showcase

Convince an audience that a product meets their needs, quickly and efficiently on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.  Re-use staging across different product lines and keep experiences up to date with the latest engineering changes automatically.
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