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Accelerate the sustainable transformation of the Marine & Offshore industry.

Oceans hold the key to the growing demand for food, water, energy, natural resources, transportation, and recreation. Yet we must protect our most precious resource from the dangers of overexploitation, pollution and degradation. More than ever, all Marine & Offshore stakeholders understand the need to challenge the status-quo and accelerate transformation. A collaborative business platform that connects the entire value chain is essential. One that leverages the virtual twin to provide end-to-end continuity and insight, from ideation to asset in operation.

Serving the needs of all stakeholders across the maritime value chain

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Addressing the business challenges of the Marine & Offshore Industry.

Enabling a sustainable ocean economy with safer and greener ships as well as new sources of energy requires a whole new way of thinking. Discover the major business trends that are driving Marine & Offshore companies to transform.

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Trends in the Marine & Offshore Industry