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With the urgency on climate change mitigation, there is a compelling need, in every sector of the industry, to deliver better, greener, and safer ships. This requires the whole value chain to innovate with new propulsion systems, alternative fuels, new design and new architecture, as well as advanced materials in order to reach decarbonization and zero-emission shipping and passenger transportation objectives.


It also requires owners and operators to optimize fleet and crew management based on real-time data to meet sustainability, performance and profitability objectives. 


Leverage the power of the virtual twin

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides the ability to develop and evaluate the most complex ships in a holistic manner, before they exist, by modeling and simulating their behavior in future usage conditions and throughout their entire lifecycle.


The virtual twin experience makes it possible to connect design and operations at sea by linking the definition of the mission of an asset to its actual execution, from maintenance to vessel and crew planning. It also allows ship owners and operators to better manage and continuously improve their assets, anticipating predictive maintenance activities, equipment replacement or upgrades more accurately. 

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