What are the challenges changing the Building & Facilities landscape?

Rethink traditional AEC processes to deliver projects on budget & ahead of schedule.

We have an ambitious climate strategy underway to reduce our carbon footprint by up to 50% during this decade.

Fabrice Bonnifet
Director of Sustainable Development & QSE

Owners & Operators

Developing in a sustainable way
Owners and operators use their capital to make social contributions through buildings and urban developments. Therefore, they must consider sustainability, resilience, and the circular economy. These conditions make it imperative to find reliable construction partners who can solve complex goals as a team.


Improving the performance of facilities
 The total cost of ownership across the entire lifecycle must be considered. The 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud connects every project ecosystem in a cohesive, collaborative space. It enables users to assess building performance, impact the complete value chain, and collaborate on holistic performance solutions.


Creating affordable and livable communities
A sustainable society is made up of unique, affordable homes and healthy spaces. Owners and operators collaborate with contractors and manufacturers through cloud-based virtual environments. As a result, project contributors can embrace productization and improve efficiency and transparency for more personalized, affordable, and livable communities.

Productization shakes up the construction world and transform the value chain by accelerating the design, delivery, and assembly of unique and sustainable buildings.
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