How to Accelerate Next Gen Data Center Innovation

Shorten the stand-up time of configurable, sustainable data centers through virtual twin experiences.

Next gen data centers are more necessary than ever before, as more and more aspects of modern work and society get cloud-connected at an accelerated rate. By 2025, half the world’s data will be stored in the cloud. Following this development, data centers’ consumption of all available electricity and cooling water on Earth could increase from 3% today to 8% in 2030. Data centers can also compete for electricity and telecommunication network resources in urban areas. All of these factors point to the need for data center innovators to embrace digital transformation. This way, they can achieve breakthrough innovations and deliver more configurable, efficient and sustainable data centers.

Leveraging virtual twin technology enables a quantum leap for lean construction. At the same time, it also allows all value chain stakeholders, from owner-operators to contractors to builders, to transparently plan, construct and operate each of their data centers as a system-of-systems.

modular portfolio approach with reusable and extensible system components will help companies shorten the stand-up time of their data centers to one-third of the usual rate. By using model-based simulation to verify compute systems and facilities, they can achieve quantum leap improvements in their agility and effectiveness. Meanwhile, continuous real-time collaborations enables transparent operations that can help them improve their power use efficiency (PUE) significantly.

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Building the Blocks of Next Gen Data Centers

Leverage virtual twins on an integrated platform to construct configurable, efficient and sustainable data centers with shortened stand-up time.

How to Accelerate Next Gen Data Center Innovation

The benefits of virtual twin experiences apply across all phases of data center innovation, from planning and design to construction and operation.

By leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, owner-operators, contractors and builders can master the complexities of next gen data centers today. As a result, they can boost their agility and speed to confidently meet market and sustainability demands.

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