What Are the Challenges Changing the Utilities Landscape?

Delivering safe and affordable services to all, at all times, in a context of shrinking decision-making timeframes, can only be achieved by promoting data quality, standardization, traceability and the simulation of systems behavior over time, to address the legal, technological, social, environmental, financial and economic challenges.


Electricity Transmission and Distribution

Designers, Engineers and Constructors
Anticipating the massively increasing demand for electricity and the integration of the renewable sources of energy, while continuing to address the challenges of renewing the aging infrastructure in operation.

Grid Operation Managers
Facing more challenges, as they have to operate the electricity transfer in real-time but also balance a more complex supply and demand across interconnected networks while minimizing losses along the electric power transmission and distribution systems.

Maintenance Engineers and Technicians
Experiencing an increasing diversity and complexity of equipment, systems, mechanisms and infrastructure. This requires ongoing training and new technologies to maintain the systems.

Deciding whether the full set of required expertise or resources should be available in-house or contracted out. As such, a major challenge is partner selection and management but also the orchestration of the entire ecosystem of partners involved in the value chain.

ECCUS' mission is to transfer industrial and storage facilities to underground spaces to free up land for nature or other human activities. The swiss startup adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud to support its vertically integrated product development cycle having all disciplines in one place and bring its ECO-Caverne™ to market.   
Bouygues Construction
The company rolls out the 3DEXPERIENCE platform across its global business, benefiting from streamlined decision-making, reduced waste, enhanced quality, and the ability to handle increasingly complex projects. (Image © Laurent Blossier)

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